10 Fantastic Tips To Keep Cool During Hot Nights


While some of you might greet summer nights with happiness and enjoy your vacations and outings, there are some of us who will be concerned about trying to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. This concern is due to the humid conditions which make trying to get to sleep very difficult and frustrating. If you are prone to getting hot while you sleep then during the summer season it can become next to near impossible to relax and enjoy a soothing night’s rest.

10 Fantastic Tips To Keep Cool During Hot Nights

If you are one of those insomniacs who already curse their sleep pattern, you will hate summer nights. Even if you are not, every person wants a peaceful night after a hectic day and must have the following tricks up their sleeve in order to sleep like a baby! Here’s how to keep cool even when your room feels like an oven:

  1. Let the air come in: If you don’t have an air conditioner (which automatically solves the problem) you can let ‘Mother Nature’ help. Keep all the windows open so that air keeps circulating in the room. If the air circulates via different windows it will be even better. The air feels good to the body, as well as carrying away your body heat when you sweat.
  2. Make use of ice: You can either put ice in a bowl or wrap it up in a towel and put directly in front of your fan. When the air passes over the ice cubes, it will carry the coolness and eventually will make you feel better.
  3. Dampen your clothes: Make your nightshirt slightly wet. This will act the same way as sweat does, carrying away your heat and cooling you body down. However, this might feel uncomfortable when you sweat.
  4. Bathe before bed: If you bathe in cool water before sleeping, your body will already be cool. If you shampoo and wash your hair, your head will feel fresher and lighter and you will definitely sleep cooler.
  5. Use ‘chilled’ water bottles: Keep a bottle of water in the freezer all day long and keep it next to yourself at night. Perhaps near your face or wherever you feel the hottest. This will keep a ‘cool’ source right next to you all night.
  6. Keep yourself hydrated: Make sure you have had lots of water during the day and the night too. Keep a bottle of water near you during night so that if you feel hot, you can drink it up (and even pour over yourself!)
  7. Avoid alcohol before bed: Alcohol can make you feel hot and steamy during the night, so can a very heavy/fatty dinner. Both promote an over active digestion and will drain out your hydration. Eat light food at dinner so that your stomach stays lighter and you keep cool during hot nights.
  8. Don’t wear anything: If you are comfortable, try to go to sleep nude. This will prevent further heat induced in the body due to clothing. If you feel awkward, wear something light or sleeveless.
  9. Be creative: Go out there and get a hammock. It is a bed that’s not only exciting to sleep in but has aeration from all four sides which means more air and more freshness!
  10. Invest: Make an investment and install an air conditioner. It might be costly, but it will give you relief and good sleep at night. If you want to enjoy additional comfort whilst sleeping, get a maxicool memory foam mattress that will keep your body at an ideal temperature when you are asleep.

Hopefully, after reading this passage, you will be aware of the tips to keep cool during hot nights. Beat the heat with these amazing ideas. Now there’s no excuse to be cranky in the office!

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