15 Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas for 2015


It’s about time that you get serious IN welcoming Halloween and give your home a quick Halloween transformation. Keep in mind it’s not about who creates the best Halloween haunt on the block, but it’s also about who does so without spending much. And if you are not very much sure how to do so, HomeArena are here with some amazing Halloween Decoration Ideas that will not only outdo the whole block, but will also be really pocket friendly. So, here you go:

1. Hanging Bats

hanging bats


The fun of this night is that people get happy and enthused by seeing and experiencing the creepiest things around them. So, let’s start with outdoors, as people would obviously notice outdoors first. That’s why we are here with this Hanging Bats idea, introduced actually by Martha Stewart with a detailed tutorial.

2. Spooky Window

spooky window


Isn’t Halloween all about spooking people out? Sure, it is and that’s why you need this Spooky Window idea, which is one of the best and easiest homemade Halloween decorations you would be able to find this year. All You have more on this spooky idea to share with you.

3. Dancing Witch Hat Luminaries

Dancing Witch Hat Luminaries


Polkadotchair are here with these Dancing Witch Hat Luminaries, guaranteed to catch attention of any passerby, transforming your porch into a witch’s abode of some kind. Simply follow the instructions if you are worried about how to make Halloween decorations, and you will be amazed by the results.

4. Spiderweb Wreath

Spiderweb Wreath


Don’t worry folks; we have some more wonderful outdoor ideas for Halloween, just like this Spiderweb Wreath idea by All You yet again. You will be surprised how easy it is in making and how real it looks from some distance, sure to trigger arachnophobia in unsuspecting ladies and kids.

5. Black Cat O’Lanterns

Black Cat O’Lanterns


In fact, this Black Cat O’Lanterns’ idea is not only to be confined to your porch or entryway; you can bring these lanterns right inside, into your living room or lounge to welcome Halloween 2015 with easy Halloween decorations. Follow instructions on Sunset to intrigue your guests with these Halloween lanterns.

6. Bloody Handprint Window Clings

Bloody Handprint Window Clings


Yes, it is as bloody as you can get with your windows; brought to you by Kylyssa. Follow her easy tutorial if you want to make Halloween decorations count the most to freak out your visitors this year.

7. Halloween Window Decor with Silhouettes

Halloween Window Decor with Silhouettes


If you are looking for Halloween decorations to make by yourself, which not only cost you very little, but stand out instantly, then Halloween Window Decor with Silhouettes is one of the best ideas to try out this Halloween. Just have a look at what Shelterness have to offer you in this regard.

8. Glowing Ghost

Glowing Ghost


Want more fun and spooky homemade Halloween decoration ideas. Well, Martha Stewart never disappoints, as in this idea of Glowing Ghost; simple and easy to follow, yet highly impactful.

9. Trash Bag Spider Webs

Trash Bag Spider Webs


Talking of super easy and super fun Halloween craft ideas, this one is as simple and easy as it sounds. Just follow the instructions given on How About Orange by Jessica Jones to add immense fun with this super cool, super easy and super cheap Halloween decor idea.

10. Ghost-o-Lantern



Looking for a Ghost-o-Lantern idea capable of superseding every Halloween home decor idea that you have ever tried before? It might be your lucky day, because we have got one spooky idea that will help you get the most out of Halloween this year. GoodHousekeeping are courteous enough to share the idea with us, thanks to them. You won’t believe how easy and how spooky it’s going to be!

11. Wise Owl Halloween Decor

Wise Owl Halloween Decor


What about a wise owl welcoming your guest this Halloween? Don’t get confused, we are just talking about stacked pumpkins to replicate a beautiful wise owl ogling and grinning at your guests when they step into your home. We make this idea a part of our Halloween decoration ideas courtesy to CountryLiving. Make sure you follow their instructions aptly to adorn your home with this wonderful setup.

12. Hanging Ghosts and Bats

Hanging Ghosts and Bats


Want to have some Halloween craft ideas where your kids can also be the part of the project? Who doesn’t want to see their kids giggling and jumping with joy? That’s why we have added this wonderful idea by Happy Clippings in our collection of Halloween decoration ideas for 2015. It’s easy as anything, yet interesting and eye-catching enough to spook any unsuspecting soul stepping into the room.

13. Forever Pumpkins

forever pumpkins


Why not come up with Halloween decoration UK that lasts much longer than Halloween, keeping you and your family happy for a long time about all the fun you could have on this Halloween? We have lent the expertise of Ashley from The Creative Place to help you prolong your Halloween joys way past this particular day only. The best thing is that this jack-o-lantern idea is way safer when you have kids. Why, if you are wondering; just check out the tutorial and you would know everything.

14. Spider Sacks

Spider Sacks


There are so many ways and so many places to adorn with these crafty spider sacks in your home, making sure it looks ready to brace the festivities and spookiness of Halloween. You can hang these around light fixtures, drape these over curtains or even use a railing to hang them; they will just make your Halloween more fun in any possible way. MPMK have a step-by-step tutorial to help you craft these spooky spider webs.

15. Glowing Pumpkins

Glowing Pumpkins


Last but not least of our Halloween decoration ideas is the Glowing Pumpkins, brought to you by I LOVE TO CREATE; simple, fun and long lasting. These will surely jazz up your Halloween decor this time around.


That concludes our contribution to make your home Halloween ready. Wish you a really joyful, spooky and fun Halloween ahead. And feel free to share some of your own ideas with us here in the comment box below.