5 Bad Experiences with Sofa Beds


When we shop for furniture, especially sofa beds we always want the best of both worlds, convenience and contemporary style. Sofa beds are also one of those furniture items that people love to have in their houses because of their multiple functions. What you should keep in mind is that sofa beds are not perfect and with the pros they also have cons. Where a sofa bed may look convenient and appealing, you can never be too sure if it will turn out to be as good as it is may appear. Therefore, let us look at a few factors that may lead to some bad experiences with sofa beds.

Bad Experiences with Sofa Beds

  1. Not comfortable both ways: If something is designed to perform more than one function, you have to be sure that it performs the secondary function just as good as the primary function. Sometimes, when you purchase a sofa bed you might find the sofa mode quite cosy but when you lay it out to turn it into a bed it might not be very comfortable and might not provide the required support for a cosy night’s sleep or vice versa. This totally beats the main purpose of investing in a sofa bed. 
  2. Cushions often slide out: It has often been observed that while changing positions on the sofa, the cushions underneath slide out or slip in either direction causing discomfort as empty spaces are left along the backrest or the sides of the cushion. You can find yourself tossing and turning frequently as a result. 
  3. Quality of foam in irreplaceable cushions: Sometimes, dealers may tell their customers about certain discounts which they cannot get from any other store. However, some of these dealers may be fraudulent who lower the prices simply because they have inserted low-grade foam which will inevitably disintegrate within a short period of time. Sometimes cushions cannot be replaced in sofa beds, so you should be very careful while investing. 
  4. Weight and storage place: Sofa Beds are quite heavy so it can be a pain moving them from room to the next. Storage may not be an issue for most people, but it may become a hassle while moving the item to a new home or within the house.
  5. No return plans: Most dealers do not provide trial periods or money back guarantees on sofa beds, so before you pay for your sofa bed ensure that you invest in the right one which best suites your personal needs.

This was all about some bad experiences with sofa beds. Click here if you want to learn about the mistakes to avoid while purchasing a sofa bed.  Once you have made up your mind whether you want a sofa bed or not, you should keep these factors in mind to avoid wasting your time and hard earned money. You should not only invest in something satisfactory but also save yourself from hassle in the long run.