5 Christmas Shopping Online Scams to Watch Out For This Holiday Season


Internet has definitely made life easier for all of us beyond imagination – Christmas shopping online – sitting right inside our cosy living rooms …. that feels really awesome. But, it has also made life easier for scammers. Shoppers need to stay especially vigilant till Christmas. Here are five most common scams you need to beware of this holiday season shopping.

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1 Mobile Apps Scams
Scammers can use official-looking mobile apps this holiday season, featuring company or celebrity endorsements, designed to rob your money or personal data. Either way, you are susceptible face some serious loss if you fall prey to it.

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2 Deceptive Holiday Gift Scams
Advertisements offering unbelievable deals on hot items, such as Xbox One or PS4, that seem too good be true, need to be taken as such, i.e. too good to be true! You need to stay away from such offers. Scammers might try to entice people with the help of phony contests on popular social media sites in a bid to get their personal information or even to get their devices infected with malware.

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3 Holiday Travel Scams
Online scammers are more than ready to prey upon uninformed internet users using fake notifications and phony travel deals links. When someone logs into an infected PC using email usernames and passwords, scammers get a chance to install keylogging spyware and other such malicious software. You may come across a hotel’s Wi-Fi requiring you to install some software before accessing it, but this can infect your device with malware when you click on “agree”.

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4 Fake E-Seasons Greeting
If your Christmas shopping online also includes posting greeting cards to your friends and family, you need to be especially aware of legitimate-looking Season’s Greeting cards meant to trap users to download a Trojan or other such virus by clicking a link or opening up an attachment.

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5 Deceptive Online Games
Sure, you want to see your kids happy, and they are most happy successfully downloading and playing their favourite games, but you need to be watchful about the game’s download source. A site offering full-version download of Grand Theft Auto might lead malware to your device. Gamers can also get exposed to malware due to integrated social media pages. Make sure you buy games for your kids from authentic sites rather than heavily baited “free download” pages, so that your kids get the gift they need and you can stay away from online scams.

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Don’t let the scammers win over your holiday shopping and celebration joys. Just be aware and alert while you make the best of Christmas shopping online by watching out for online scams mentioned here.

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