5 Hidden Facts About Memory Foam Mattresses


I have written plenty of articles on memory foam mattresses detailing their features, pros, cons, benefits, functionalities and the methods to take good care of them. So, is there anything more to add? Well there are lots of aspects left that I need to research in order to inform you more about the many aspects of Memory Foam Mattresses. The one aspect I recently searched is the hidden facts of memory foam mattresses and I am bringing it forth in this post to convey more detailed information about their features. So let’s have a look at 5 hidden facts about memory foam mattresses.

Facts of a Memory Foam Mattress

  1. Memory foam mattresses have visco-elastic foam that is formulated with polyurethane and other chemicals to bring elasticity into it. If the mattress is treated with too many chemicals or its density is not appropriate according to the environment, it may get too firm in cooler temperature or too soft in warmer temperatures.
  2. Memory foam mattresses which have a higher density are more sensitive to temperature and deeply absorb heat from your body making you feel hotter. So if you are temperature sensitive at night, I would suggest opting for a low density memory foam mattress or buy memory pocket mattress with maxi cool quilted coverthat keeps you at an ideal temperature level with its maxi cool cover.
  3. Memory foam mattresses have the quality to conform to your body’s natural shape. They are temperature sensitive which at times can be a negative aspect, especially for people who have a tendency to heat up quickly while they sleep. The temperature of a memory foam mattress is not restricted to a specific level and so it reproduces the same intensity of heat your body produces at night which can become uncomfortable. Memory foam mattresses are ideal if you do not have temperature sensitive issues and are not prone to heating up while you sleep.
  4. After exploring these issues I dug out accurate figures through authentic research studies which found that 8% of users of memory foam mattresses reported a heating problem with their mattress during their sleep. The research also found that heat complaint rate is comparatively higher in memory foam mattresses than that in spring and other types of mattresses.
  5. The heat retaining element of memory foam mattresses is not always negative. I found lots of cases where memory foam mattresses have done wonders for people suffering from different types of aches and pains, as the mattress forms to your natural body shape and supports the critical parts of your body. There are also new memory foam mattresses available to buy which incorporate innovative technology, keeping you cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Facts of a Memory Foam Mattress

After going through these 5 hidden facts about memory foam mattresses, you must have gained in-depth knowledge about memory foam mattresses that you can share with your friends and other people as a piece of advice. if you want some real time reviews of memory foam mattress before purchasing it, then click here to read 5 positive reviews of memory foam mattresses.

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