5 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For a Memory Foam Mattress


Regardless of how comfortable a memory foam mattress may look it may not be the best one to suit your personal needs. Customers need to understand that like all other products, mattresses come in different qualities and varieties. Let’s learn about the common mistakes to avoid when shopping for a memory foam mattress.

Shopping For a Memory Foam Mattress

Assumption: All of them are similar

If you are unfamiliar with memory foam mattresses then the common assumption is that they are all similar and offer the same level of comfort, this however is not the case. Consumers should understand that there are retailers either based online or in shops who will try to falsely advertise or over exaggerate the quality of the memory foam mattresses they have. Memory foam mattresses are available in three categories, entry level, mid-grade and finally the high quality ranges. A mattress of density 40kg m/3 or more is considered ideal to support your body appropriately. If the mattress has a small layer of memory foam than it will more than likely not last a significant amount of time. On the contrary, good memory foam mattresses will last more than 7 to 10 years. Therefore, density is an important factor while investing in a memory foam mattress.

Assumption: All of them are sensitive to temperature

Once you lie down on the mattress, a high quality memory foam mattress will contour to the natural shape of your body, keeping you supported. When you are in a stable position the memory foam mattress will keep your body at an ideal temperature ensuring that throughout the night, you are able to enjoy an uninterrupted and healthy night’s sleep. However some memory foam mattresses are not temperature sensitive and fraudulent dealers are taking advantage of inexperienced buyers and selling low-quality products. The best way to test this is to place a block of ice for 15 minutes on the mattress – if it becomes firm and hard, it is temperature sensitive, or else, it’s not.

You check labels not composition

Where there is so much competition, there are many manufacturers looking to take advantage of customers who may not know what it is they are purchasing. Many manufacturers make mattresses out of low-grade, toxic foam, which contains formaldehyde, CFCs, PBDEs, etc. After this, they cover it up by putting a label stating false claims. We, as customers usually make the mistake of not asking about the mattresses composition and are consequently deceived by the seller. Check the composition of your foam before investing in it.

Also a memory foam mattress should come with a minimum guarantee of 5 years, if none is offered or one is offered for only a year I would stay away from that particular company.


You don’t recognize the amount of memory foam topping

For a satisfactory amount of comfort, a minimum of 1 inches of memory foam is essential on the top layer of your mattress. Observe your yet-to-buy mattress carefully and keep in mind that the amount of memory foam matters more than the overall thickness of your mattress. If the mattress has a removable washable cover you can take it off and measure the layer of memory foam on top of the mattress and see if it matches what was advertised.

You don’t try the mattress out

If you can you should try and test the mattress before purchasing. Buying a mattress is an important, time consuming process and you should test the mattress in store, if possible before making a final decision. If you are looking to buy a memory foam mattress online to get the best possible deal, look at the density and firmness grade. Then go to a local bed shop and test a mattress which has the same density and firmness grade and you will be able to tell if you like it or not.

This was all about common mistakes to avoid when shopping for a memory foam mattress. Now that you know enough about memory foam mattresses and the factors to consider while buying them, hopefully you will be able to make a decision you wouldn’t regret. Click here for important points to consider during memory foam mattress buying process and make right purchase decision.

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