5 Negative Reviews of Memory Foam Mattress


Memory foam mattresses are famous for their distinctive qualities and are very popular due to the health benefits attached to them. Memory foam mattresses are renowned for their comfort and hypoallergenic properties but just like any other mattress they are not built to be perfect for everyone. There are number of reasons behind this issue including wrong selection, improper use and wrong methods of maintenance. I have gone through a number of reviews posted by customers on different websites and of course the majority of the reviews were positive and highly rated. But as I already detailed the benefits of memory foam mattress in my previous blog post, so in order to present an unbiased image to you, I decided to come up with 5 negative reviews of memory foam mattress. Let’s have a look at the reviews.

negative reviews of memory foam mattress

Review # 1

Ms. Judisalasin posted her review on www.overstock.com complaining about the product. The issue she had with her newly bought memory foam mattress was its odour. According to her, the smell was so powerful that she wasn’t even able to stay in her room. She was so annoyed with the smell that she just wanted to throw the mattress away to get rid of the horrific smell. She compared the smell of her mattress with that of formaldehyde (a chemical used in biology experiments).

Well, I agree with her. Memory foam mattresses consist of anti- dust and anti-mite treatments which are applied on the foam to shield them against dust and debris. This is the reason the new mattress has an odour; but it easily goes away by airing the mattress or placing it under sunlight. So Ms. Judisalasin, you don’t need to throw away your costly investment, just air the mattress to dispose of the odour and it will never remind you of your Bio class again.

Review # 2

Mr. Jamie left some negative reviews of memory foam mattress on www.reviews.argos.co.uk detailing his experience with the product. He is satisfied with its overall quality and stated that it’s constructed and packaged well. His very first week with the product was fantastic but then it started annoying him with its heat and suppleness. He found the mattress too soft to support his body and ended up switching to his old sprung mattress.

This is the problem related to adjusting to memory foam mattresses as people who have never used memory foam mattress before, take some time to get use to it. Especially if you are users of sprung mattress, you take more time to adjust with the soft and moulding memory foam mattress and find it a bit difficult to turn over and change side while lying on your bed.

Review # 3

An anonymous customer posted his negative reviews of memory foam mattress on www.which.co.uk. They say that they returned back their memory foam mattress after a week of purchase as it didn’t satisfy them at all. They thought that memory foam mattresses are workable for bulky and heavier people and for this reason doesn’t serve light weighted people like them. They found the foam too hard to conform to the pressure points of their body. They also found the surface very hard that caused them severe backache.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, memory foam mattresses offer different densities serving different weights and body pressures. The customer must have chosen the wrong density of memory foam mattress that was too hard for them.

Review # 4

At www.buzzillions.com Mr. San Jose complained about his memory foam mattress that he recently bought. He found the mattress very lumpy and uncomfortable. The mattress was so soft that his entire body was sinking in to it. He didn’t like the mattress for being too soft, unsupportive and lumpy.

Well this might be again the wrong selection of density that caused him trouble. Selection of cheap quality memory foam mattress can also be the reason for sinking as mattresses made of poor quality materials are unable to support your body efficiently.

Review # 5

Ms. Jewaters posted on www.productreview.com.au and complained about her mattress’s inability to retain its firmness. It was a costly investment for her but it didn’t serve her long as she expected and started losing its firmness after 4 years. The mattress has sagged in the middle causing restless sleep and severe pain in her back.

Well I would suggest you to go for the mattress that offers maximum years of guarantee, so you can claim when experience such problems within the timeframe.

This was all about the negative reviews of memory foam mattress posted by customers. If you have any question or need my assistance, just leave your message on twitter @aafazal_uk.

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