5 Serious Effects of Poor Sleep


Today my blog post is going to throw light on the health issues that arise when we don’t get a healthy night’s sleep. Poor sleep or lack of sleep can make us grumpy and lethargic. Poor sleep badly influences each and every facet of your life including your work, school and sex life. Sleep loss affects your cognitive system, overall health and even your looks. Here I am going to detail some serious effects of poor sleep.

Sleepiness can lead to disasters

If a person is suffering from poor or lack of sleep, their mind will not be in a perfect condition to concentrate while performing their job and can be very dangerous if you drive a vehicle for a living. When you are feeling drowsy it can slower the reaction time of your brain causing serious accidents. A recently conducted study showed that poor sleep can lead to serious accidents and injuries during work especially in physical activities like carrying heavy items, operating machines, driving heavy vehicles etc. If you feel drowsy during your job, it can put you in a critical situation that can result in a serious accident. The study found that people suffering from sleep issues are more prone to work accidents as compared to people with a healthy sleep pattern.

5 Serious Effects of Poor Sleep

Sleep Loss effects on alertness

A quality sleep contributes greatly to an active learning and thinking. The cognitive system is badly damaged due to a lack of sleep and makes it hard to keep alert and concentrated. A lack of sleep seriously damages our judgement. When a person sleeps deeper and sounder, the cognitive system is able to reinstate and consolidate memories. In the case of poor sleep, the restoration and renovation of cognitive system is not possible, rather it impairs the system badly. This is the reason why people who suffer from sleep issues do not always remember things properly and are usually come across as agitated.

5 Serious Effects of Poor Sleep

Medical Issues

Serious sleep disorders can make you prone to fatal diseases like heart attack, heart failure, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, memory loss, unstable heart beat and sudden stroke.

5 Serious Effects of Poor Sleep


One of the serious effects of poor sleep is depression. Sleep loss or poor sleep patterns cause depression making you feel miserable and gloomy all the time. A lack of sleep provokes negative thinking making you feel depressed and dissatisfied. A research study has been conducted in this regard and found that people who sleep less than 6 hours have the symptoms of depression and frustration. Depression is prevailing more in people suffering from Insomnia as this sleep disorder impairs your immune system and puts you at higher risk of developing depression, mental disorder and other psychological issues

5 Serious Effects of Poor Sleep

Skin Aging

As well as affecting your health, poor sleep also affects your looks. Skin collagen stops working when the body releases cortisol due to a lack of sleep and removes the elasticity and smoothness from skin. Lack of sleep makes your skin rough and pale and also creates puffiness around your eyes making you look aged. People experiencing sleep problems usually have dark circles and fine lines around their eyes that badly affect their overall look.

5 Serious Effects of Poor Sleep

Considering these serious effects of poor sleep, it is highly recommended to treat your sleep issues and disorders before they put you in a critical situation. You can also go through our blog, containing tips on how to get to sleep quicker and better, to treat your sleep issues.

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