6 Best Ever Tips for Cottage Style Home Decorating


If you have a little cottage to yourself, you can experiment in so many ways to decorate and transform it, so it oozes charm and sophistication. It will be the attraction to every passerby! Cottages are known to have that personal touch that everyone likes, the charm of the outdoors and the freshness of nature.
It’s not easy to decide what you need to do in order to make your little cottage, your piece of heaven on earth. But here are a few tips for cottage style home decorating:


  1. Let nature be your teacher: Basically, you can bring in as many natural elements into the cottage as you can. Cottages look divine even when born in simplicity. Keep your pine boards bare to keep it all natural; don’t fill them up with photo frames or art! This will keep the texture intact and give your cottage the natural look it needs. Moreover, you can enhance the look with garden furniture, wire plant stands and botanic motifs. Put in lots of plant pots and flowers to maintain freshness.
  2. Make it comfortable: Think Cottage, think cosy feel. Both go together like two peas in a pod. Make sure you have lots of couches, sofas and recliners. Perhaps a touch of textured linen to keep the colour theme creamy and brown. Soft and subtle colours enhance the comfort of any given place. Throw in cushions and top off with pleasant lights. In addition to that, bring your favourite pieces of art, the books that you love, family photo frames and memories. Now you can really call it a home!
  3. Light some candles: Doesn’t a cottage sound romantic to you? And how can romance really spark any fire without candles? Cottage style home decorating is incomplete without candles. You can have floating candles, candle stands and scented candles. Not only will it instantly give a dreamy touch, but will keep the aroma beautiful.
  4. Keep it light: It’s a cottage, so don’t go for the dark, bright or metallic look. Keep your colour palate as close to natural hues as you can. Perhaps sky blue or sea green, creamy white or baby pink, lemon yellow and lily lavender. Softer colours compliment cottages.
  5. Add some quilts: Your cottage bedroom will definitely need some quilts. Make sure the quilts stand out in your room. Get the softest finish possible, with pale colours that will fit right into your cottage style home. Not only is it comfortable, but it looks heavenly in a cottage.
  6. Let the light in: Make it spacious, open and lighted. Let there be windows, and doors that have windows in them. Let natural light flood the indoors and give you the true natural experience. Not only will it minimize energy costs, but it will give your cottage a delicacy that only nature has in stock.


A cottage is a beautiful little home and if you use the most natural theme possible, you can create a beauty that will be the apple of your eye, the attraction for onlookers and a home you have always dreamed of.

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