6 Tips on How to Get to Sleep Quicker and Better


How to sleep quicker and better

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6 Tips on How to Get to Sleep Quicker and Better – An infographic by the team at HomeArena Furniture.

Afraid of insomnia devastating your night sleeps and tranquility. Here are 6 best tips on how to get to sleep quicker and better!

1 Let your mobile snooze before you do!
Want to drift away to dreamland quickly and effortlessly? Make sure your mobile (or laptop for that matter!) escorts to sleep before you.

2 Conjure a sleeping ambiance
Work upon a darker ambience in your bedroom, as darkness signals your biological clock to slow down and drift away readily to sleep.

3 Easy yoga poses for sleeping
“Reclined Butterfly” pose is believed to work out best for this purpose, right before you crash land on your bed to sleep. Let your body ease, muscles relax and mind lulling you to a peaceful sleep with the help of easy yoga poses.

4 Kiss your late night wine goodbye
No more late night wine extravaganzas if you dread insomnia and want to enjoy a restufl sleeping experience.

5 Go for sleep food
Tryptophan is the key ingredient in sleep food, an amino acid that is converted to sleep promoting serotonin. Found abundantly in food sources like turkey meat, so you better switch your turkey lunches to turkey dinners if you want to keep a safe distance from insomnia.

6 Late afternoon caffeine cut
Not only should you get rid of evening tea, but should also avoid your daily cans of fizzy drinks that just seem irresistible later in the evenings.

By applying these 6 tips on your daily life routine will help you get to to your bed easily and will keep you healthy, smart and active during whole day.

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