7 Clever Space Saving Ideas


You know what they say: Home is where the heart is. Everyone loves their humble abode however when it gets congested even the heart begins to sway. Some of us feel uneasy if there’s too much cramming, others are simply claustrophobic. Thus, it is very important to make sure your rooms are spacious.

Even if you have a house that’s smaller than you like, there are several ways to make it feel capacious! This doesn’t only mean putting in less items, it’s about the technique of designing that inspires roominess! Here are a few space saving ideas to make your home roomy and well organised.

  1. Multipurpose furniture: Oh yes, in this modern world there’s everything you need in the market. New designers are focusing on furniture that serves more than one function! Get some sofas that have drawers for storage underneath. This way you eliminate the need of stacking a drawer in the room! Similarly, you can get a study desk masked in a coffee table. How cool is that?
  2. 7 Clever Space Saving Ideas

  3. Upper shelving: We have always thought of shelves in the reach of our hands. However, if you install shelves towards the top of the wall, this forces the eye to look upwards and immediately tricks it into believing that the room is larger. Not only does this look very classy, it also serves your purpose of a false impression.
  4. upper shelving

  5. One is good: You don’t need individual sofas or couches plastered all over the place. This creates a jumble, and it automatically makes the room look smaller and messier. Go for one elegant looking sofa, perhaps an L-shape that’ll fit in the room perfectly, accommodate more people as well as leaving space for other additions.
  6. 7 Clever Space Saving Ideas

  7. Build it in: You don’t need to add racks and shelves at all. Why don’t you create a built in shelve in the wall? Not only do you save a lot of space, but it looks more creative and also gets rid of visual mess and muddle across the room.
  8. 7 Clever Space Saving Ideas

  9. Loft beds: If this is the bedroom we’re talking about; you can go for loft-beds or bunk beds that will obviously clear out a lot of space in the room. There are so many ways you can create elegant beds, utilising the space beneath it as well as around it.
  10. 7 Clever Space Saving Ideas

  11. Be crazy: You don’t really need to do the same as everyone else! Is it necessary to have sofas? Why can’t you have an elegant sofa bed? Or a hammock? This would clear out all the space taken by couches and stands and it creates a cosier look.
  12. 7 Clever Space Saving Ideas

  13. Sofas with legs: This is a very simple trick you can use to make a room look bigger. Simply get sofas that have legs underneath, instead of a sofa with skirts. This reduces the stuffiness of the room and also makes it look really pretty!

7 Clever Space Saving Ideas

I hope you would find these space saving ideas helpful in making your home capacious. Well, nothing is impossible in this world if you really put your heart and mind into it. Can’t make something happen? Create an illusion!

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