7 Practical Summer Moving Tips


Summer is considered as the best time to move or start making plans to move. Children have their school holidays during summer and you can also book your holidays off from work in order to make a start on the move. One of the benefits of moving in the summer is that you don’t have to suffer from the cold, harsh winter weather but you still have to watch out for the scorching heat from the sun in the summer. But there is nothing to worry about. To make your moving process easier, there are a few things you can do in order to save yourself and your family from trouble. Let’s have a look at these 7 practical summer moving tips to make the moving process hassle free.

7 Practical Summer Moving Tips

  1. Plan ahead: Since the majority of moving is done during summers, it is important that you contact movers beforehand so that you can save yourself from unnecessary hassle towards the end. Give yourself some time to choose the company that suits you best, and has the best reviews from its clients. Visit them personally and call them over to your place to discuss the whole process with them. Be sure to get an estimate as well.
  2. Time and temperature: It’s much better if you complete your moving before the sun is high in the sky, or you can wait for it to go down thus ensuring it is much cooler. Check the weather in advance if you can, and opt for a cloudy day.
  3. Dressing: Wear light coloured garments that cover your whole body. Ensure that they are loosely fitted. This way, you won’t have to suffer from too much heat radiation. It’s best if you wear a wide-brimmed hat and place a wet towel behind your neck to absorb the heat.
  4. Stay hydrated: We love to have fun in the sun, but when it comes to doing strenuous work under such intense heat, our blood pressures drop as we get dehydrated due to excessive sweating. Under such circumstances, one should stay hydrated at all times. Water is thought to be the best solution for dehydration, but it won’t give back the lost salts, sugars, and electrolytes. Therefore, fruit juices or energy drinks such as ‘Gatorade’ are highly recommended as they contain nutrients that help energize the body. If you can, keep your movers hydrated too!
  5. Air conditioning: Avoid switching off your air conditioners before you have moved out everything, or else your house will feel less like a home and more like an oven. Secondly, turn on the air conditioners in your new house and open the windows before moving in.
  6. Kids and pets: Children and pets have a short attention span so it might be wise not to have them around in the moving process. If possible try and get help from family and neighbours with looking after any pets or your kids to ease the stress levels!
  7. Car boot sale: It is highly recommended that you do not transfer extra, unwanted items to your new house. If there are things you don’t require, set up a car boot sale and sell any unwanted clutter. If there’s quite a lot of stuff, you might even be able to use the money to pay for your moving expenses!

After knowing these helpful and practical summer moving tips, half of your stresses may be gone already. All you have to do is get ready to get moving!

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