A Rising Star – Barcelona Italian Bed


Here we are with our latest Product of the Week, the Barcelona Italian Bed, to let you know why people like you from different parts of the U.K preferred buying this lavish bed so dearly to turn it into our weekly bestseller.

Top of the Line Italian Furniture Range

To begin with, this is part of our Italian furniture range boasting of the exclusiveness of Italian craftsmanship, brought to you at unbelievably low prices and this is one of the basic factors behind such a huge success of this bed.

barcelona bed

Now, let us explore some more exciting features of this marvellous bed.

Superb Colour Contrast

Its colour combination becomes an instant eye catcher with black and white shades contrasting each other in perfect harmony. Its frontal half curved headboard in black is adorned perfectly well with two white cushions seemingly resting on top of it, offering comfortable and beautiful headrests. On the other hand, the low lying footboard is cushioned finely in high quality white faux leather, which is further glorified by a black strip passing right through its centre.

Slightly Raised Headboard with Low Footboard

The stylish design comprising of slightly raised and curled headboard in black with a low footboard cushioned in white not only makes this Barcelona Italian Bed a head turner in any bedroom it is placed in, but it also helps incorporate spacious outlook through it.

Silver Chromed Feet

This bed also features stylish feet chromed in silver to complement the overall look. The colour combo of black and white on the bedstead supported over stylishly curved silver chromed feet makes this bed stand apart. This not only adds to the beauty of this bed, but also makes sure that the feet remain rust free.

Sprung Slats

It’s not all about looks and beauty of this bed that makes it bestseller of the week at the HomeArena, but it is also about comfort and luxury associated with Italian furniture in general and this bed in particular. To ensure utmost support for your mattress and provide you a restful sleeping experience, this bedstead is manufactured with sprung slats in its base.

High Quality Product in Low Price

With no offense to beauty and luxury of bedroom furniture, the truth remains that financial restraints of different types in recent times have become a real nuisance for buyers and despite the taste and craving for high quality products, their high prices restrict people from actually buying them. However, in this case, the low price compared to contemporaries enables HomeArena to list the Barcelona Italian bed among its weekly bestsellers.

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