Astonishing Sleep Deprivation Records


How long can you hold on to yourself when it comes to not sleeping? Apparently, there are people out there who seem much fond of not sleeping ………. well, at least, not as much as most of us. Different people in different times have attempted to set (or break) records in this regard.

Randy Gardner’s Record
Randy Gardner, in 1964, at the age of 17 years, went through this endeavour of staying awake without the help of any stimulants. It was a well recorded and documented event where Dr. William C. Dement and Lt. Commander John J. Ross supervised his attempt that spanned through 264 hours or 11 days. Gardner was reported to have undergone various cognitive and behavioural issues like paranoia, short term memory loss, hallucinations and lack of concentration.

Astonishing Sleep

Maureen Weston’s Record
Another such notable attempt was undertaken by Maureen Weston of Peterborough, the largest city in Cambridgeshire County of the U.K, as she participated in a rocking chair marathon. She went on rocking her chair for 18 days and 17 hours. During her attempt, she was observed to have suffered from paranoia, concentration lapses, slurred speech and blurred vision. Out of the two, sleep researchers’ community values Randy Gardner’s attempt to be recorded and document more accurately.

Tony Wright’s Record
Tony Wright, a famous consciousness researcher and author from Penzance, located in Cornwall County of the U.K, holds another widely accepted sleep deprivation record. In his attempt in 2007, Tony Wright was able to get past an earlier landmark set by Randy Gardner in 1964, some 43 years ago. Tony, being a researcher himself, also confessed of some tricky moments during his attempt.

Though sleep deprivation is deemed to have various cognitive and physical implications of different types on humans, people like the ones mentioned above will continue to explore more of this avenue. We can just hope and pray that such undertakings might lead scientists and researchers to bring out something positive for humanity.

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