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bed buying guide

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Bed Buying Guide – An infographic by the team at HomeArena Furniture

For People Wise Enough To Invest In A Good Night Sleep
There is no denying the fact that all you need after an exhausting day of work is a perfectly sound sleep, which is hard to come by without a luxurious comfortable bed and mattress. It is a great relief to know that there is a wide and exclusive range of high quality, contemporary styled beds and mattresses available, which can lead to an amazingly refreshing sleep night after night.
There is much more to bed than a mere place to sleep; you can turn your bedroom into an aesthetic marvel with help of the design of bed you choose and choosing the correct mattress will ensure an ideal retreat to a peaceful night’s sleep.
Here is a detailed Bed Buying Guide at your disposal to make sure you end up with the most aesthetic and serene place to sleep.
Choosing The Perfect Bed
You are never going to get into a day fresh unless you have had a peaceful and comfortable sleep, for which you definitely need to have a great bed to sleep in.
There is a wide variety of beds available in the market. Some of the most popular are listed here.
Sleigh Beds
With a curved headboard as well as footboard, Sleigh beds give you a distinctive traditional look and feel. Sleigh beds are available in wood or metal, or covered in real or faux leather for the chic casual look.
Storage Beds
Storage beds offer you great solution if you are faced with confined space. Not only do you get a comfortable place to sleep at night, but stylishly disguised storage spaces in various styles and designs lend you great storage space to exploit.
Guest Beds
Hosting overnight guests can turn into your worst nightmare if you do not have enough space and sense to accommodate them. There are some extremely convenient and practical solutions that modern guest beds offer, helping you give your guests a wonderful place for a restful sleep. You can pick from some great variety of folding beds, rollaway beds and trundle beds to make sure that hosting guests overnight never becomes a problem for you.
Children Beds and Bunk Beds
Choosing the correct bed for your children can be a difficult task but now there are a variety of contemporary styled and chic designs available. Modern day children’s beds and bunk beds not only offer comfort but they are available in a variety of colours and designs which will bring a touch of class and style to your children’s bedroom and a bring out that smile.
Daybeds give you the convenience of lounging during the day and sleeping during the night. That is why they are fast becoming today’s must have due to their multiple uses. You can pick the one that suits your style and budget.
Sofa Beds
The concept of sofa beds comes handy in saving space too, also elegantly embellishing a bedroom. Sofa Beds offer convenient and comfy sitting space, while also turning into a luxurious sleeping space when needed.

Not only do you get a variety of styles in beds, but furniture manufacturers of present day use different reliable and durable materials to come up with attractive and comfortable designs. Some most common include:
Wooden Beds
Conventionally, wooden bed frames are considered to be the most reliable ones. Contemporary furniture marts showcase some great specimens of wood craftsmanship that would simply amaze you and would serve to adorn your bedroom in a beautiful manner.
Metal Beds
Metal beds offer a great change from the conventional wooden frames. A metal bed is can bring a touch of modernity to any home and are available in a variety of design and colours.
Real Leather Beds
Many believe that real leather beds are the most exclusive ones, exuding great style, luxury and comfort together. Secondly, real leather is believed to look and feel even better with aging, unlike some other materials. So, you will also be able to keep them with you for significant period of time.
Faux Leather Beds
Faux leather beds offer great alternative to real leather ones, also serving to be really cost effective compared to real leather beds. Cleaning and maintaining them also turns out quite convenient. Most of the times, all you would need is a gentle scrub with a damp cloth for the purpose of cleaning them.

Fabric Beds
Fabric beds also present you with an amazing variation in bedroom furniture. The look and feel of the bed frame covered in an exquisite fabric is one of a kind and that is why the number of people going for fabric beds is increasing with the passage of time.
Bed Frame Sizes
Size of a bed frame is actually the measure of the mattress filling it perfectly. For example, labelling a bed frame as small single sized means it can best accommodate a small single mattress, i.e. 190 cm x 75 cm according to UK standard bed sizes. UK furniture industry also offers Ikea sizes, which slightly vary from their corresponding UK sizes. The difference is described above in detail.

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