7 Great Ideas for Cheap Christmas Decorations


Christmas Decorations Ideas

With just around the corner, it is about time to go rich in celebrations with these simple, easy and cheap christmas decorations ideas.

1- Greet Your Guests with Christmas Entryway 
Transforming your entryway to a welcoming Christmas front doorway with something as simple and inexpensive as a pair of plastic urns from your local garden centre will work out great. Anchor tall foam cones in both urns with help of a little sand and attach Christmas balls along with some greenery using florist sticks and wire.Get an awesome entry  with outstanding christmas decorating ideas.

Christmas decoration ideas

2- Go for a Special Table Opener
Such a simple but wonderful idea for a special table opener on this festive occasion! All you need is a garland of greenery (easily available at local garden centre) and some pinecones. Run the garland down across the length of table. Get your kids’ help in collecting some pinecones (or simply buy them yourself), which can be used as rustic toppers.

3- Simple but Essential Centrepiece
You will not even need to get something from outside for this one! Simply fill a couple of trifle jars (or other such glass bowls) with some fruits. In this case, one jar is filled with red ripe apples and the other is filled with green baby artichokes – red and green, the Christmas colours – and here you go with a great Christmas centrepiece.

Essential Centrepiece

4- Bring Your Christmas Fervour Out!
Pinecones can be your real saviours for these types of cheap Christmas decorations. Gather them in various sizes to arrange in places like pots in your porch or a window box. Add bigger ones in the bottom with smaller ones sprinkled on top.

5- Starlight Show
You can put up an all glowing starlight show this Christmas. Get a Styrofoam ball and wind around it a strand of battery powered fairy lights. Just make sure they hold around it. Tape the loose end of the strand to ceiling or twist it around a curtain rod. For even better display, suspend few such balls with varied sizes together and enjoy.

6- Build a Snowman
What about building your own snowman with some base frosting and oranges? Beat together 6 egg whites and 3¾ cups of confectioners’ sugar to make the base frosting. Stack oranges on top of the frosting using toothpicks to hold together the fruit. Peppermint sticks would serve the purpose of arms and nose, while cloves could be used for eyes. You can use licorice if you want a scarf. For hat, layer together peppermints on top of vanilla wafer using frosting once again.

7- Edible Art is a Good Idea too!
Art is good, especially when it is edible! You can bake (preferably) or buy (if you feel like) gingerbread men and get your guests some customized servings by piping cookies with their names, so that you can use them as gifts, tree trimmings or place cards.

Good Idea

You can make the most out of your Christmas festivities with the help of these cheap Christmas decorations. Just come up with some innovation and determination, making this year’s Christmas a really memorable one.

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