Most Common Problems of Memory Foam Mattresses


I have written a blogpost recently about the Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses but some customers can have issues with them and they are not suitable for everyone. Below I will detail what the common issues are that customers have experienced with memory foam mattresses:

The first thing you will notice, when you receive a memory foam mattress and unroll it (most memory foam mattresses come vacuum packed) and lay it on your bed, is the smell. This is one of the most common problems of memory foam mattresses. Because memory foam mattresses have been treated with anti- dust and anti-mite treatment, the mattresses can have an odour to them. It is best to air the mattress for 24 hours before you put your bedding on it but usually the smell dissipates after a few hours.

problem of memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses work by using the heat that your body gives off, thus the mattress reacts to the heat and moulds itself to your body. This is where the problem can occur though. The heat can get trapped under your body and leads to hot and sweaty nights. But if you buy Memory pocket mattress with maxi cool quilted cover, it will reduce this problem and keep you cool.

problems of memory foam mattress

Although memory foam mattresses are designed to last longer than normal mattresses, you can still experience problems. If you buy a cheap memory foam mattress made of low quality material, it will lose firmness and shape over time and become soft. Eventually it will cause you problems such as back ache and you will have to change your mattress which could be costly. You need to ensure the mattress is of high quality and comes with at least a 5 year guarantee.

problems of memory foam mattress

Adjustment Period
Most people who tend to buy a memory foam mattress have never bought one before. They usually have had some sort of a spring based mattress and when they use a memory foam mattress for the first time, it can feel strange to them and it does take some time to get use to. Also they find turning over slightly difficult because there is no resistance from the mattress to use against. But once you get use to this mattress, most people never go back to a spring based one.

Memory foam mattresses come with different densities; finding the right one is important so that it provides you with the right level of comfort. Otherwise you could have a mattress which is too hard or too soft. The best way around this is to test out different mattresses at your local store. Once you know which one is right for you simply do a search online as you are bound to find it cheaper.

problems of memory foam mattress

I hope you find the above information useful. If you have any further questions about most common problems of memory foam mattresses or need advice please do not hesitate to contact me on twitter @aafzal_uk.

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