Daybed vs. Sofa Bed


Are you looking for an extra sleeping solution that saves you space and serves you well? Well there are mainly 3 choices for you, futons, sofa beds or daybeds. All of them are good and have their distinctive qualities and of course each of them has some drawbacks too. I already provided you a detailed comparison of futon with sofa beds, now it’s time to compare the features of daybed vs. sofa bed. Let’s have look at the comparison of these 2 space-saving sleeping alternatives.

Daybed vs. Sofa Bed


Sofa beds have been serving as a space saving sleeping solution since ages and are still popular in domestic and commercial sectors for their multiple roles. Sofa beds have been used for different purposes and are equally valuable for any room like bedroom, kid’s room, living room, study room, fun room and guest room. Daybeds are comparatively newer in industry and considered a modern alternative to a sofa bed.


When it comes to variety and versatility, sofa beds provide more choice in their design, styles and functionality. Sofa beds are available in an extensive range of designs with different types of mechanisms. You can also find the one with additional functions that I have already explained in my previous article. You would find a number of choices in terms of their size too. Whether you have a large room or a smaller one, you would find the one that will perfectly go with your room size. Daybeds do not give as many choices in design and structure but you would find plenty of styles in daybeds like contemporary style, funky style, traditional style and modern style. You would not find sufficient size options in day beds as they are often found in a single size only.


The comfort level of a sofa bed varies from style to style. For example a pullout sofa bed will provide more comfort as compared to click clack sofa bed where the same surface is used and gets sagged over time. Daybeds do not have a convertible mechanism, so like click-clack sofa bed the same surface is used to sit and sleep and so it loses its shape and support over time.


Sofa bed possesses convertible me
chanism. It is converted in to a regular sofa during daytime and a person cannot even judge that it is actually a sofa bed. This feature is missing in daybeds as they play both roles together and look like a smart blend of a sofa and bed.

Daybed vs. Sofa Bed


Sofa beds require a little effort to operate their mechanism while turning them from sofa to bed or vice versa as per your needs. As sofa beds are available with a choice of different types of mechanisms, you can choose the one that is easy to operate like click-clack or pullout. Daybeds are easy to use in this regard as all you need to do is to remove the extra cushions and it’s ready to serve you as a sleeper.

This was all about daybed vs. sofa bed. It will surely help you a lot in your purchase decision enabling you to get the right furniture item for your home. Give us your feedback by typing your message in below box and you can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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