Famous Interior Designers In The UK


When it comes to home decorating, everyone wants their house to look perfect. If you wish to seek the assistance of a professional interior decorating company, you should choose very carefully. In addition to relying on their rankings, also go through their customers’ reviews to get a better idea of the type of company that you’re going to be dealing with. To make your process of short-listing less complicated, the 5 most reliable and famous interior designers are mentioned below, so you can choose without much difficulty.

Famous Interior Designers In The UK

  1. MKV Design: This firm has some of the best interior designers in the United Kingdom, which adds to its positive reputation. Situated in London, it serves its customers throughout the UK. According to them, their fundamental inspiration is derived from cultural masterpieces and the beauty of Mother Nature, so they blend the interior designs with the surrounding culture and the theme of nature that resides around the selected venue. They’ve refined the term ‘luxury’ with their extravagantly designed hotels, resorts, spas, golf clubs, restaurants, bars, casinos, and residential sites.
  2. Claremont Group Interiors: From their establishment in 1977 till now, they have been serving their clients and customers with utmost efficiency; you are highly unlikely to encounter any issues with this company. Their offices in London, Bristol, and Warrington make them very accessible. They claim to be much more than just interior designers – they work with technology, space, as well as people, and integrate all three of them to provide the most gain to their clients. Do not forget to check out the reassuring videos and testimonials provided by their customers!
  3. Wilkinson Beven Design: Although it’s been just seven years since this company has come into fruition, their high quality of residential and commercial makeovers have helped them gain immense popularity and high ranking in the UK and even abroad! Their team of world famous interior designers pays undivided attention to every single project right from the start all the way to the end. With ample amounts of awards, certifications, and successful projects, they will be more than happy to serve new clients.
  4. Bentheim: Situated in London, Bentheim is one the best companies for outstanding interior makeover as well as exhibition designs. They specialise in converting their clients’ ideas into functional realities, for both the best looks and uses. You should definitely check out their list of clients, because they have completed many well-known projects for tycoons, governmental organisations, and private parties. In addition to residential, commercial, restaurant, and hotel projects, they’ve also worked with museums! Wonderful, isn’t it?
  5. StaffanTollgard Design Group: This is perhaps one of the few interior decoration consultation firms that will not only design and add luxury décor to your interior, but will also provide you with a choice of your own from their decorative articles and furnishings. They have appeared in the media through television and print recently, which has helped their already existing fame to grow like a fire in a forest!

Do not miss the opportunity to select your interior decorators from the best consultation firms present in the United Kingdom!

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