Home Decorating On A Budget


A new house. A new love. Thousands of wishes. But tight on a budget. This isn’t just your story; it’s the story of a million families out there who are struggling with their finances. However, don’t feel low if you don’t have a bulging bank because a house can be decorated to perfection even on a small budget. A little creativity, some will-power and a touch of love will make your home convey elegance, personified.
Unleash your inborn creativity or just get tips from browsing the internet and you will have loads to do in no time. Here are a few ideas for home decorating on a budget:

Home Decorating On A Budget

  1. Do the walls: Paint is the cheapest thing you can get and the best part is that you can do it yourself. You can surf the web to find all sorts of tips to help you texturise the walls up. Don’t go for wallpaper because that’s very expensive. On the other hand, if you can’t paint, get a bit of colour chalk, crush it up and mix with water. Apply on the walls for a make-do paint.
  2. Make your own storage: It’s really easy to get some wood from outside, shape it up a little with the right tools and then stick it up to make some wall racks. Similarly, you can put up little chairs and tables using wood yourself. Take old pipes and convert to cloth hangers, old tin cans can serve as utensil holders and blankets can take the shape of rugs, carpets and even curtains. It’s very easy to make something out of nothing. Make best use of the materials in and outside your home.
  3. Artwork: Perhaps you feel that the walls are too blank and maybe could so with some art. This is the fun part. Gather up all old magazines and newspapers and cut out your favourite photos. Whether it is a poster of Johnny Depp or a baby panda, you can mount it up on the wall in a homemade cardboard frame and it will look spectacular. Use simple techniques like paper mash or incorporate old broken pieces of jewellery to create really funky looking frames.
  4. Be vigilant: Make sure you know when your neighbour has that yard sale or the store down the lane has a sale. Similarly, get involved with lots of online stores so you can get discount vouchers and sale updates immediately. Who knows what you might find at the most affordable cost?
  5. Fill it up: When you don’t have a lot, you don’t need to make rooms look spacious. Don’t go for open, airy rooms. Open the windows, Let the sunlight do its job and make the room stand out.
  6. Be brave: The most important tip is to be happy. Even if the house is small or the capitals short, you can make your house, your heaven with a few simple tricks.

So this was all about home decorating on a budget. With these simple money-saving tips your house can become a creative masterpiece.

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