How Faux Leather Beds Are Better Than Real Leather Beds?


After providing adequate information about faux and real leather beds and detailing their pros and cons in my previous posts, today I am going to explain how faux ones are better than real ones. Well both the leather types have their strengths and weaknesses that make one better than the other and vice versa but in this piece of article I am going to focus on the strengths of a faux leather by detailing their strong points.

How Faux Leather Beds


Faux leather beds are cheaper than real ones and this is strongest point of faux leather bed. Faux leather is a man made texture and the beds wrapped with faux leather are available at very affordable price across UK. Real leather being manufactured from animal skin is costly and so are the real ones. This is the reason majority find them out of their set budget and can only dream about bringing the magnificence of a leather bed in their bed room. Faux leather beds have made it easier for the people to fulfil their dreams by adding a faux leather bed in their room that is not heavy on pocket at all and add the same luxurious touch to the room.

Persistent to fading

Faux leather is a chemically treated texture and the chemical treatments make it sturdier and defiant. Unlike real leather, faux ones are persistent to fading caused by direct sunlight. The protective layers on faux leather safeguard the covering from UV rays and do not let the texture lose its natural colour.

Defendant against stains

As real leather material has natural pores, it is absorbent and spongy and soaks the liquids and moist very easily and quickly leaving stains on the surface. Faux leather is undergone various protective treatments during its formulation and its thick protective layering doesn’t allow spills to go deep in the texture and leave marks on the surface.


Being man-made, faux leather has different types of subcategories like PVC, polyurethane and polyamide and so provides you more variety in its texture.

Colour and Style

Faux leather can be dyed in any colour and provides you more variety in faux leather beds. You can even buy a faux leather bed in hot red colour to add dramatic and contemporary touch in your bed room.


High quality faux leather beds are durable and sturdy and serve you for years to come. Faux leather made with poly materials like polyurethane and polyamide is of high quality that makes the leather covering robust and sturdier contributing to the longevity of bed.

More Glossy

Though real leather beds have a natural shine and radiance but faux leather covering can also be treated with additional shine and gleam using high gloss finish.

How Faux Leather Beds Are Better

So this is how faux leather beds are better than real leather beds, click here if you want to learn about 20 different types of beds.You can reach me on Twitter @ aafzal_uk, if you have any query regarding beds.

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