How to Fix Your Sofa Bed


You don’t need to get worried if your beautiful sofa bed has collapsed as you can easily fix your sofa bed at home by following the methods I’m detailing below in this blog post.

First of all you need to locate the damaged part of your sofa bed. Remove the cushions from your sofa bed and if the sofa bed has a mattress, take out the mattress from sofa bed frame. Thoroughly check the legs, braces, slats and inner side of the frame (specially the joints) by turning the sofa upside down. Sofa beds usually collapse from the horizontal wooden beams if they are pushed down with too much force. Check the beams and rails thoroughly to see if there are any cracks or splits there.

How to fix your sofa bed

Minor Cracks

If there is a small crack on the beam or joints, insert a pointed tool into the crack and inject glue inside the crack. Hold and press the cracked part tightly after pulling the pointed tool out. Make sure to check all the wooden parts for cracks and fill them up with glue.

Severe Cracks and Splits
You will need to overlay the damaged part if it is broken or has severe cracks. Bear in mind never mend big cracks with glue as it will not hold and your sofa bed will collapse again, severely weakening the frame. To overlay the broken part, measure your sofa bed frame. Take plywood and cut it according to the size of existing beams or any other part that is broken. Apply glue on one side of the piece of plywood and place it on the top of the broken part. Now staple the plywood with broken part with 2-inch long nails. Do not use the sofa bed until the glue is completely dried.

how to fix your sofa bed

Sagged Joints
The joints of sofa beds are one of the most sensitive parts of a sofa as they are attached together with nails or screws and can lose their clench causing the sofa to sag down. Instead of retightening them, I would suggest drilling through the attached parts and inject glue into the drilled hole and hammer long nails in the holes to attach both sides together with tighter grip.

Sofa beds have a convertible mechanism that is made of metal framework. If you operate the mechanism frequently the nuts and washers can start losing their grip, breaking the mechanism down. Look out for any loose nuts and washers inside the sofa bed frame to see if they have fallen out from the mechanism. If the screws and bolts have fallen out then you must screw them back into the mechanism as soon as possible to avoid the sofa bed from collapsing and damaging the mechanism. If you can’t find the loose bolts or screws, you can buy the nuts from any hardware shop.

How to fix your sofa bed

Now that you have learnt to deal with the different problems which can occur with damaged sofa beds, you can easily fix your sofa bed without spending money on a repair service. If you have any query, you can leave your message on Twitter @aafzal_uk and I will get back to you with my response to your query. if you are facing problems in your sofa bed mattress maintenance or replacement the you may Click here to learn how to replace your sofa bed mattress.

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