How To Furnish Your Home In The Summer


Summer is finally here! Some of you might be excited about lapping up the sun and getting a sun tan, while some of us will be looking forward to the late night strolls in the summer evenings. But for some of us it is a time to think about what changes are needed in the comfort of our home.

During the summer we all love to spend time outside of the house and love soaking up the sun but once the heat intensifies, you want to enjoy the summer days from the comfort of your own home. If you want to enjoy the summer inside your home you need to have a creative touch to have a peaceful and cool summer. You only need to make a few changes around your house to have the summery feeling indoors. Here are some tips regarding how to furnish your home in the summer.


  1. Furniture type: Winters are more dark and shady, with woody shades and dark colour pallets. On the other hand, however, summers will let you experiment with ‘happy’ colours like light pink, baby blue, lemon yellow and lime green. If you find peace in white, then go for it. But spice it all up with colourful cushions. Choose colours which match your personality and bring that summer feel inside.
  2. Cushioning:, Your furniture may look dull if you don’t add cushions. Go for flowery patterns, because that will keep giving you the feel of summer all around. Not only that, but they look lovely in a room. Simultaneously, you can choose vibrant patterns and schemes because they bring a sparkle to a room instantly.
  3. Dine outdoors: You should try and get some lovely garden furniture for outdoor dining. Summer nights tend to be cool and breezy and who wouldn’t want to dine out on such an evening? This will not only brighten your night but help you experience a touch of the outdoors without the intense heat. Use candles to make it romantic if your other half lives with you!
  4. Tables: You can’t change the tables? Change the linings and mats! Go for a floret themed lining for your table or perhaps get flower shaped mats? It won’t cost you much at all and will instantly make your dining hall more summery. If you have metal tables, or even glass they will convey elegance.
  5. Lose the drapes: Drapes are thick. They are shadowy. They are heavy. Replace them with new light curtains that will be easy to use, will let the natural sunlight shine in your house and will give a fresh outlook. Light coloured curtains will also make the room feel bigger and will ensure a light summery feel.
  6. Switch the furniture around: Is your favourite sofa set blocking the view? Or is that couch overlooking nothing but a television set? You need to switch your furniture around, not only to make your room look airy and spacious but a little change can sometimes add a different, more stylised touch to a room.
  7. Invite over nature: The last thing you may want to do apart from all the furnishing is to add a finishing touch of summer elements. Yes, I’m talking about flowers! Get some cute vases and prep the rooms up with a perfect summer ambiance. Not only does it delight the eye, but the aromas will keep the rooms smelling heavenly. You can incorporate shells in your decoration pieces; get sand vases, or even pebbles.

Summers bring about love and joy. Make sure you live it to the fullest with these easiest ever ideas to furnish your home in the summer.

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