How to Make Best Use of Your Old Sofa Bed


Has your sofa bed gone too old and shabby to place in your room and you are thinking to throw it out? Well I have better options for you to repurpose your sofa bed instead of abandoning it in your garage or somewhere else. There are so many different ways to make best use of your old sofa bed and some most practical and feasible ways are listed below.

  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Recycle
  • Reuse

How to Make Best Use of Your Old Sofa Bed

Which option you should go for depends on the condition of your multi-purpose sofa bed. For example if your sofa bed is still in working condition, you can put it on sale or send for donation to a charity. All you need to do is to work on its appearance. Clean the sofa thoroughly, polish the wooden panels with few drops of oil and fluff up the cushions. Also check the convertible mechanism and tighten the loosen nuts. Make sure your sofa bed is clean and spotless before putting it on sale. Now it’s must be looking better and in an acceptable condition. If your sofa bed is spick and span, you will surely be able to sell it at good price.

How to Sell?

I know this is the very next question coming in your mind once you are done with cleaning and fixing your sofa bed. There are many ways to sell your sofa bed. The easiest way is to take its picture and upload it on to a website such as ebay, amazon or gumtree or list it for sale in your local newspaper. You can also join sale and purchase groups on social media networks to post your ad. If you want the buyer to pick your sofa bed from your home, clearly mention this in your ad so that you are approached by appropriate buyers.

If you don’t want to go for online selling options, you can tell the people in your social circle about selling your sofa bed so that they convey this message to their friends and relatives who may be interested in buying a second hand sofa bed and you can reach your potential buyers easily.

How to donate?

Well sending your sofa bed for donation is quite easy as all you need to do is to call a reliable charity organisation. They will come to your door-step and will pick the item up at your convenience. Search online for charity groups and non- profit organizations near your home and give them a call. You can also directly donate your sofa bed to a community centre or orphanage.

How to recycle? 

Sofa bed contains several parts which can be detached into separate pieces to be recycled. You can use the foam core, fabric covering and the springs and nuts for other purposes or can sell the parts to recycling dealers.

How to reuse?

If your sofa bed is not completely destroyed, you can reuse it after fixing the condition of your sofa bed. For example, if it’s sagged, you can get it filled with a new foam core, if the fabric is faded or ripped, you can change the covering with a new one, even with a new colour and pattern for a fresh look. You can also hire professional cleaning services if your sofa bed has got stubborn stains. Buy new cushions for your sofa bed and give it a new look. You can also shift your sofa bed from your living room to kid’s room or study room to bring some change in home decor.

I hope you would like these ways to make best use of your old sofa bed smartly. Don’t forget to give me your feedback by leaving your comment below or you can contact me on twitter @aafzal_uk as well.

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