How To Recycle Your Old Bedding?


Once our bed frame starts to deteriorate, all we can think of is how to dispose of it and we also naturally start thinking about purchasing a new bed.The new bed will last a few years and eventually, its fate will turn out to be the same as that of the old one. Beds, especially mattresses make up more than 5 percent of the total weight of landfills. We do not realise that the concept of recycling can be implemented even in beds and their components. This way, you not only save money, but you can also save your surroundings and your environment from extra pieces of waste materials. Almost every single thing which is a part of your bed or mattress can be recycled. Let us look at how to recycle your old bedding.

  1. Mattress: Sometimes, companies that sell mattresses also provide the liberty to take back your old mattresses when you want to replace them – they pay you a small percentage for your old mattress. If no such service is available, there are quite a lot of alternatives present for you. You can take your mattress to a nearby recycling plant, where they will separately recycle all the different components of your mattress. If there are separate plants for metallic compounds, wood, and cloth, you can disassemble or break down the mattress on your own, and separately deliver all the parts to their respective recycling plants. Springs and other metallic components may even help you earn a bit.

    How To Recycle Your Old Bedding?

  2. Pillows: The best part about pillows is that not only can they be disposed off and recycled by a recycling company, but they can also be re-used in your own homes. If you are looking to re-use them, you may want to use them as small comfortable beds for your pets to rest upon, or you may place them inside your pet’s baskets/homes in order to make them more comfortable. On the other hand, since most pillows are made out of polyester, they can be washed in a washing machine and then dried in the dryer. Once it has been cleaned you can take out the fillings and place them in another cover, preferably the same size or smaller so that you can use them once again. You can even donate your old pillows to a local ‘freecycle’ group.

    How To Recycle Your Old Bedding?

  3. Bed sheets: Local vets and animal shelters really appreciate any bedding you donate for their cause, so this is the first thing you should do. If they are in a relatively good condition and can be used, you can donate them to old homes or shelters for the homeless or needy. If you wish to reuse them in your own house, you can cut them down into smaller pieces and use them as dusting material – instead of using disposable napkins, you can use these cuttings and cut down on expenses and extra waste simultaneously.

    How To Recycle Your Old Bedding

Remember to save on your investments. Once you learn how to recycle your old bedding and protect your money, you will realize that you were also helping the environment from further degradation even though you were not actually aware of this fact at that time.

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