How to Replace a Sofa Bed Mattress


Changing the mattress of your sofa bed may seem like a hassle if you don’t have adequate knowledge about how to replace a sofa bed mattress. Below is a comprehensive set of guidelines so that you can easily change your sofa bed mattress without any difficulty. I’m going to detail the process step by step; follow the same procedure when you get started with the replacement process.

How to replace mattress of a sofa bed

Step 1- Measurement
The very first step is taking measurements. Measuring the width and length of your sofa bed frame and existing mattress is very important to get the right sized mattress for your sofa. Take a measuring tape, a note book and a pen. Unfasten the sofa bed seating to measure your existing mattress and the inner side of sofa bed frame. Note down the measurements of both the mattress and faux leather sofa beds frame. Obviously your existing mattress must have lost its thickness and firmness over time and this is the most probable reason you want to replace it with a new one. Well if this is the reason, instead of considering the thickness of your existing mattress; consider the space for mattress in your sofa frame. Your new mattress should be thicker than the existing one because your existing one would have lost its natural shape over time.

how to replace mattress of a sofa bed

Make sure to round off the measurement to the nearest cm to avoid any confusion. Let me explain how to do this. If the length of your sofa bed frame is 190.5cm, it should be rounded down to 190cm. Simple as that!

As far as the width of the mattress is concerned, the thickness of standard sofa bed mattress is between 4″ to 5″.

Step 2- Selection of Mattress
In this step you need to ask yourself what type of mattress you want for your sofa bed and for that purpose you need to determine your budget too.

Mattresses are available in a variety of types serving different requirements. The most common categories of sofa bed mattresses are memory foam mattress, latex mattress, foam mattress and coil (spring) mattress. If you ask my recommendation, I will suggest memory foam mattress as its body conforming feature makes it the best choice for sofa beds. there are many more benefits of memory foam mattresses beside than its conforming feature. As memory foam mattresses are costly, if your sofa bed is used occasionally as a bed, then I would recommend a spring based mattress as they will do the job and can be quite cheap.

how to replace mattress of a sofa bed

Step 3- Installing the New mattress
Now that you have purchased a sofa bed mattress, you are at step 3 where you will take out the old mattress from your Theo sofa bed frame. Mattresses are usually attached with ties or buckles and can easily be detached and re-attached. After removing the old mattress, clean the inside frame of your sofa bed with a duster or preferably vacuum cleaner. Once the frame is cleaned, place the new mattress, tie the buckles and there you go. Your job is done without any hassle by simply following this 3-step process of how to replace a sofa bed mattress.

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