How To Return Furniture Purchased Online


Sometimes items purchased online may not turn out to be exactly what you wanted, or that it did not quite fit into your room. Before ordering, it is recommended that you should talk to the company over the phone or email if possible and ask them about any questions or concerns that you may have. This way, you will be able to obtain as much additional pieces of information you require, or might be able to seek any information that might have been missing from the details mentioned on the webpage.

Once your item has been delivered and you decide you need to return furniture purchased online, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

How To Return Furniture Purchased Online

  1. First of all make sure you keep the packaging to make sure the item can be re-packaged the way it came. Most online companies will not accept items back without their original packaging as it cannot be sold on again.
  2. Contact the company within 14 days of receipt and advise them in writing that you would like to return the item for a refund and request an RMA (Return Merchant Authorisation) Number. Also advise them of the reason for the return. If you contact them after 14 days then they may refuse the return.
  3. Ask the company for help in returning the item. As furniture is big and bulky you cannot simply pop down to the Post Office to send it back. It needs to be sent via a specialist courier such as Dx Freight, XDP, Tuffnells, etc. Your online furniture company will have a contract with one of these companies and it will be cheaper for them to arrange a collection. There will be a cost for this, depending on the size of them item, which they can deduct from your refund amount. Always confirm the cost of return before collection.
  4. If your company is unable to arrange collection then you can use a Parcel company such as or to send your item back to them. Simply fill in the online information required such as the weight of the package, number of items, where it is going to and they will quote you a price. If you like it, simply pay online and they will confirm when the goods will be collected. You can also print the parcel labels directly from their site. If they offer insurance definitely take it out in case the goods get damaged during transit.
  5. Search for a local ‘man and van’ and ask them for a quote to return furniture to your seller. This method ensures that your item is less likely to get damaged and will arrive quickly.
  6. Ensure your items are well packed so that they do not get damaged during transit. Also ensure your item has documentation which tells the company whom the item has come from, your order reference number, RMA number and reason for return.
  7. You must then let the company know when to expect the goods back and from which carrier; otherwise they may refuse the goods if they are not expecting them.

How To Return Furniture Purchased Online

If everything goes smoothly then you should get a refund back within 7 days. If you do not hear back from the company whom you purchased from do get in contact with them after 7 days and ask them for an update.

This blog post was about how to return furniture purchased online if the item is not what you require. If however on the other hand your item arrives faulty or damaged then that is a different scenario as your seller is fully responsible for that. They may ask for pictures of the damage but then afterwards it is their responsibility to arrange a return and issue a full refund to you or arrange a swap of the item for a new, undamaged one.

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