Ideas To Organise Your Living Room On New Year Eve


The living room is not only the room for leisure, passing time and for restful retreat but it is also the place of the house where most, if not all the quality time is spent on New Year’s eve, entertaining your guests and loved ones. The room where we entertain our guests reflects our taste and personality that is why it should be decorated in a way which is comfortable, appealing and invigorate. Below are some ideas on how to organise your living room on New Year Eve so that it looks pleasant and inviting.

Placing your Sofa

The position of a sofa plays an important role in making the room comfy and welcoming. The couch is the one piece of furniture which is quite large in size and placing it correctly can create wonders to your room. The important rule is to situate your couch in a manner where it is facing the door; it can be angled in a corner or can be situated against the wall. If you like to position the sofa with its back facing the entrance, the addition of a console table or a counter behind the sofa will make it look more attractive on New Year’s gathering. Adding more articles like crystal pieces, lamps, candles and jars filled with sweets makes it more warm and cheerful.

Ideas To Organise Your Living Room On New Year Eve

Establish a focal point

There should be an article in a room which is an instant eye catcher when the guests enter. It can be a warm light, a beautiful wall hanging, a beautiful view coming from one of the windows or a fireplace. These pieces assist in defining the room for New Year’s Eve. If there is no natural focal point in your living room, you can create your own for New Year get-together by hanging a LCD on a wall, by colouring a wall with bright colours and by placing a decorative mirror on the wall.

Get a beautiful Rug

Rugs are never out of fashion they bring out the life in room. But the proper placement of the rug is essential. Choosing the right colour and size plays an important role. If you have light coloured walls a dark coloured rug would be eye catching. It can also used as a divider by separating the dining room with the living room. Rugs adorned with floor cousions also give extra space for sitting when you have guests. Various types of rugs can be used according to the decoration like a wool rug, shag rug or vintage rug and many more.

Ideas To Organise Your Living Room On New Year Eve

Get in Balance

Maintaining a balance in the living room is the most important factor while organising the room. You should not stuff everything together as it will become congested. If you try fitting each and everything under one room it will give a look of disarrangement. It will create an atmosphere of uneasiness. So you must organize your room in a way that it does not give a heavy look.

Light the living room wisely

Correct and proper lighting makes any room look flawless. It is the most important element of decor which enhances the room. Lamp lights or dim lights can be a good option. Ceiling lights with sodium lights give a warm effect to any room. Lighting in this manner will make your room spacious.

These were some effective ways to help you organise your living room for New Year Eve. There are many more numerous ways of arranging your living room. All you have to do is focus on the important points mentioned above and you will feel the difference yourself on the big day!

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