7 Ways of Injury Prevention During Christmas Holidays


Christmas is definitely worth celebrating, but not at the cost of your health and safety!

Studies suggest that more than 80,000 people need formal hospital treatment every year for injuries like cuts, burns and falls during festive occasions and for sure, Christmas is one of the most celebrated events of the year. With lots of guests occupying homes, excitement and buzz at its peak. Wine being served generously, this can be the worst time for people getting injured.

christmas decorations

However, the probability of injuries can be lowered significantly by taking extra care and caution while the festivities continue. Described below are 7 different types of most common injuries that can plague your Christmas joys. Following the precautions mentioned here will help you enjoy the best time of the year without any mishaps.

Kitchen Injuries
Hot fat, edible oils, alcohol, sharp knives and boiling water turn the kitchen into one of the most dangerous places during the holiday, especially when every household is anxiously waiting and planning for probably the biggest meal of the year. Make sure to keep extra people out of the kitchen, children in particular. It’s much better to keep alcohol away until cooking is finished. Also, wipe any spills right away, so that no one slips and injures.

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Stair Injuries
With plenty of people, alcohol and tiredness, stairs can turn into accident hotspots during Christmas. One of the best ways to avoid that is to keep your stairs well lit (you can use some of the lights as Christmas decorations for this purpose) and obstacle free, especially if your guests tend to go up and down.

christmas decorations - stairs

Christmas Present Injuries
Excitement and zeal at its peak, even Christmas presents can become a reason for uncalled for accidents. Some most common ones include parents hurting themselves with scissors (or other sharp pointed stuff) while trying to fix toys for their kids instead of using screwdrivers. Similarly, people can also get hurt using knives for opening their gifts hastily. With a little patience and caution, all such injuries can be avoided.

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Christmas Trees Injuries
It might sound unrealistic to you, but according to facts shared by RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), about 1000 people get injured by their Christmas trees. This usually happens while adorning them with Christmas lights, stars or other ornaments on higher branches. Avoid over-reaching higher branches and use a proper step ladder instead of using a chair or stool to do the job. One more thing, buy right sized Christmas tree, so you can avoid fixation injuries like these.

chrsitmas decorations - tree

Fairy Lights Injuries
RoSPA also reports about 350 people getting injuries with Christmas tree lights. Most common injuries result from people falling from height while putting lights on trees, getting electric shocks/burns and children swallowing light bulbs. Make sure to check the wiring and lights before you adorn your tree. Also, avoid overloading sockets; this can also result in fires, which could go worse beyond expectations.

christmas decoration - lights

Food Poisoning
The risk of food poisoning is always high at Christmas with so much to eat and drink. Make sure that you eat a properly cooked turkey. It takes hours in properly cooking a turkey and if you don’t do it properly, it can lead vulnerable people to contract salmonella poisoning, which might become life threatening as well. BNF (British Nutrition Foundation) reveals that people gain about 2 kg (5lbs) weight on average during the Christmas festivities. It is better if you take care of what you are eating these days.

Christmas decorations - overeating

Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol, in addition to directly affecting your health, can be the major culprit behind Christmas accidents. Excessive drinking can lead you to get careless, increasing probability of unwanted accidents.

Christmas decorations - alcohol

Remember, Christmas is definitely worth celebrating, but not at the cost of your health and safety!

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