Is A Memory Foam Mattress Good For You?


Memory foam mattresses are quickly becoming a must have and are now one of the best selling mattresses on the market due to their special characteristics and health benefits. A common question that arises in everyone’s mind is, if they actually are as good as the manufacturers make them out to be or if it’s just hype that is prevailing across the town with smart marketing tactics. Considering this point, I am going to analyse the features of this mattress to answer the question, “Is a memory foam mattress good for you?”

Is A Memory Foam Mattress

They are famous for their cosy surface that comforts you and makes you feel supported through the night. People usually go for memory foam mattresses for this cosy luxurious feel. This is the widely known quality of these mattresses, that they have the ability to support your joints while you sleep keeping you at your most comfortable position.
If we go deep down, this feature is not always a good aspect for everyone. When you lie down on this mattress, your body starts sinking into it, if you sleep in one position during the night and are not prone to tossing and turning than this mattress is a dream. However if you, like me, toss and turn during the night than this mattress is not ideal. You can, however get used to a foam mattress if you use it for a long period of time but this is on a case by case basis and you may not adjust to a foam mattress.

I have this mattress but initially my feedback was very negative when I had started using it about 2 years ago. I like to toss and turn frequently while sleeping and the mattress (which was entirely different from the regular foam mattress I used earlier) was not as comfortable as I thought it would be. This is the stage when you usually try and take it back for an exchange. But I didn’t go for the exchange and slowly and gradually my body got use to the mattress.

That was my personal experience, but that does not mean your body will adjust to a memory mattress. You should be wise enough to get the right type of mattress that lets you toss and turn while sleeping. Choosing the right level of depth of this mattress can prove to be a good investment for you in the long run. These mattresses have the tendency to heat up while you sleep and if you get quite hot during the night this can be a real issue but this potential problem can be eradicated by purchasing a maxicool cover which can control the temperature level of the mattress.

Consumers who have blood circulation problems can get the best out of this mattress as it makes you feel warmer and contributes to a stable blood circulation. Like I have mentioned previously, if you are prone to getting hot during the night and do not purchase a maxicool cover or the one which has the technology inbuilt to control the temperature level of your body, then it can become very uncomfortable. Additionally, the more it gets warm, the more your body sinks deep into the mattress making your back droop consequently causing back pain and aches.

A regular foam mattress cannot serve everyone with the same benefits. One may find it a healing tonic for one’s back ache and for a temperature sensitive person it may become a reason for an increase of back pain.

Concluding it all, it’s all about the right choice of mattress that makes it good and beneficial. This is the precise answer to the question, “Is a memory foam mattress good for you?” Click
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