Memory Foam Mattress vs. Latex Mattress


When it comes to comparing memory foam mattress vs. latex mattress, the majority of consumers find it hard to decide which one is better for them. This is the reason why I have decided to come up with an informative guide detailing their respective pros and cons. It’s not that they’re both of inferior quality; all mattress types have pros and cons depending on what suites your personal needs. Both of them have different qualities and it entirely depends on your set priorities regarding what suits you and serves you the best. If you are confused, let me compare both the mattresses to give you a clearer picture.

Memory Foam Mattress vs. Latex Mattress

  • Moulding Memory foam mattress contributes to spinal alignment by contouring to your body’s shape. This feature is missing in latex ones as their surface doesn’t have a moulding element. But on the other side latex based mattresses is equally beneficial for body stress and back pains as both the mattresses are designed to provide pressure relief.
  • Memory foam ones are temperature sensitive and adjust to the temperature according to your body keeping you warm, while latex made mattresses do not possess this quality. If you tend to get very warm at night then a traditional memory foam made mattress is not ideal as they warm your body while you sleep. However there are memory foam based mattresses available with maxicool covers which adjust to your body temperature, keeping you at an ideal temperature throughout the night.
  • Latex Mattresses do not contour or mould to your natural body shape unlike memory mattresses and so therefore usually have a harder surface.
  • As durability is an important factor when it comes to memory foam mattress vs. latex mattress, let’s measure the reliability level of both of them. I have gone through a number of research studies and customer reviews and found that both the mattresses are equally durable and come with a 5 to 10 year warranty.
  • As far as the price range is concerned, latex ones are comparatively more expensive than foam mattresses. Though memory ones are also considered an expensive investment, they are much cheaper than latex. There are many latex mattresses available at a cheaper price but they lack quality materials and natural components used in their construction, so you must be aware of this issue when shopping around.
  • Latex mattresses have more properties incorporated such as synthetic latex, natural latex and blended latex while foam mattresses do not have as much diverse natural fillings.

A quality mattress is very important to avoid health related issues. A wrong selection of mattress can lead to disturbed sleep, muscle stresses and back pains. If you want to enjoy a healthy life and sounder sleep, do not compromise on the quality of your mattress. A quality mattress may cost you more but will serve you for years keeping you fit and healthy. You should also learn the maintenance and cleaning methods of mattresses so that you can easily remove stains from your mattress without harming your expensive product.

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