Most Common Problems of Sofa Beds


As you can see from the title of my blog post today I am going to talk about the most common problems of sofa beds. Like any other product, they do have some drawbacks and in this blog I am going to convey certain issues you could probably experience with sofa beds. Let’s have a look at some of the most common issues with Sofa Beds.

Most Common Problems of Sofa Beds


Although a sofa bed is a space saving solution, due to the fact that it has a dual functioning role it can occupy more space than that of a regular sofa. If the given room is small and is already filled with other furniture you may find that when you turn the sofa into a sofa bed, it takes up more space making it awkward to turn the sofa bed back into a sofa. Moreover, furniture deliveries are always to the ground floor and sofa beds can be quite heavy, so it’s a challenging task to carry it to your apartment if you live in a second, third floor etc.


To be honest, a sofa bed is not an ideal solution if you are going to use it regularly as a sleeping alternative. Sofa beds are good for sleeping on occasionally and for any overnight guests. Using it as a permanent sleeping alternative is not recommended at all as it cannot beat the comfort level of a regular bed. Depending on the specific model, you will not be able to enjoy a healthy night’s sleep on a sofa bed if you use it regularly as a bed.


The convertible mechanism in a sofa bed does not let the sofa provide perfect support to your body. As sofa beds do not provide sufficient support as a regular sleeping surface, if you use it regularly as a bed for a night’s sleep it can cause back pain. If you are already suffering from back pain then sleeping on a sofa bed can make the problem worse over time.


If used excessively, the operating mechanism of sofa bed can get damaged causing the sofa bed to collapse. Moreover the mechanisms of some sofa beds are very tricky and can give you a hard time operating alone.

Sleeping room

Sofa Beds are designed for one person and do not have the space to accommodate more than one person. It would be unwise to purchase a sofa bed if it is going to be used as a bed for two or more people.

These were the most common problems of sofa beds; click here if you want to learn about the pros and cons of sofa beds to compare its positive and negative aspects.

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