Negative Reviews of Sofa Beds


After bringing forth various aspects of sofa beds through my blog posts, I looked into the reviews left by sofa bed consumers to see the various complaints and common issues they have had with their sofa beds. It’s not that the majority of people are not satisfied with their sofa bed purchase, there were so many positive feedbacks and appraisals as well. For this blog post I only focused on the complaints people brought forth in their reviews. So let’s have a look at some negative reviews of sofa beds from a few consumers.

Negative Reviews of Sofa Beds

  • Mr. Johnny left his review on stating that he bought a sofa bed recently and he found it to be great for his kids’ room and his spare room but according to him, it’s not something that can serve an adult perfectly. When he sat on the sofa he felt as if he would fall through due to its weak structure. He also found the convertible mechanism very weak. Johnny recommends that sofa beds are ideal to place in children’s rooms, to sit and relax but they are not suitable for adults to sleep on for a prolonged period.
  • Mr. Dave barns posted his review on and said it was not his best decision to buy a sofa bed for his room. The sofa bed he bought was very costly and wasn’t worth buying for such poor quality. He was shocked to discover how poorly it was made; moreover it wasn’t comfortable at all. He turned it from sofa to bed and tested its sleeping posture. The mechanism running through the centre of the sofa bed didn’t let him lie in a comfortable position. Dave said that even a stock pile of gravel is better to sleep on than the sofa bed he bought.
  • Mr. Stephen posted on complaining about the uneasiness of his sofa bed. According to him he bought it at a very reasonable price but he is not happy because it’s not comfortable at all. Stephen said that his sofa bed was not designed for an adult and was very uncomfortable. He eventually sold his sofa bed to a person who was looking for a convertible piece of furniture for his spare room.
  • Mrs. Bouquet from Wales posted her review on stating she was extremely shocked to see the sofa bed when it was delivered at her door step. She was expecting it to be delivered in 2 separate parts but it was delivered as one quite large part making it a struggle to get into her room. After arranging her room, she sat on it and found it too low. She converted it to sleeping position and found it too small. Mrs. Bouquet found her sofa bed was lacking in comfort in both positions making her disappointed with her purchase.
  • Anna left her review on stating that she has been using her sofa bed for the last 5 months and found it eye-catching and elegant. But with the passage of time, the supporting steel bar which runs through the sofa bed has started coming through the material and making it very uncomfortable. She is disappointed that the sofa bed barely lasts her 5 months.

These were some negative reviews of sofa beds and there can be several reasons behind the issues experienced by these particular consumers. The fundamental problem I found in all these complaints is poor purchase decision. They didn’t do enough research before making their purchase decision and didn’t consider the points that they needed to bear in mind while choosing the right sofa bed. If you have any query, feel free to contact me on Twitter @aafzal_uk.

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