New Year Cleaning Checklist 2014

Posted by Adnan Afzal on Dec 27, 2013 10:21:00 AM

Every year, the holiday season comes and goes, but the mess it leaves behind seems to stay there for a while .......... unless you act smart enough to wipe it clean before the new year, so that you can begin your new year celebrations neat and clean again. However, running through house cleaning services past holidays is not an easy task, especially if your family is one that likes partying hard. That is why we present you with a thorough post holiday cleaning checklist, so that you can get some much needed assistance in this cumbersome task.






Have you cleaned all table tops (especially, the glassed ones) and shelf tops where someone might have had placed something that could leave behind stains?


Have you thoroughly cleaned all drawer fronts and cabinet fronts (once again, especially the glassed ones)?


Have you dusted ceilings, high walls, shades and blinds? Make sure to clean ceilings and walls in rooms not regularly used, such as basements and attic.


Have you gotten rid of the cobwebs?


Have you cleaned window panes and frames? The glass tends to catch grease and other marks quite easily, while wooden frames are likely to be invaded by dust, especially from the outside.


Have you cleaned and spruced up all your furniture? You can follow this guide if you are confused about cleaning leather sofa .


Is your wooden furniture waxed, polished and repainted duly? If you want to replace your furniture, you might first choose between leather vs fabric furniture .


Are your carpets and upholsteries in need of steam-cleaning?


Are your kitchen appliances (like microwave oven, gas range, toaster, etc.) in need of cleaning?


Have you cleaned (dusted or washed, if needed) all the light fixtures of your home?


Have you cleaned your refrigerator or freezer thoroughly from inside as well as outside?


Have you defrosted your freezer or refrigerator? (You better do it on regular basis rather than only once a year)


Have you washed all the curtains, rugs, shower curtains and toilet seat covers?


Have you cleaned the walls? You can also get them repainted depending on whether you have enough time and money or skills, if you want to do the repainting yourself.


Are your bathroom tiles, walls and toilets cleaned or they still need some scrubbing and de-scaling to get rid of the hardened water marks?


Is your medicine cabinet cleaned and refilled?


Are the draperies vacuumed or washed (as needed)?


Does your car and garage need cleaning?

The truth is that this list can be never ending. No matter how hard you try, you still find something missing in the end. However, with a checklist like this handy, you still have a track of how much work you have done and how much you still need to do before you can embrace the new year neat and clean.

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