New Year Resolutions For Your Home


New Year is coming soon and it’s time for new hopes, opportunities and ambitions with many, many new resolutions. Starting the New Year without a resolution doesn’t feel right. We usually make resolutions for personal change but sometimes our house is overlooked by our vows. So here are some New Year resolutions which can be applied to your home and will assist to make your life style and home an even better and more comfortable place to live in.

New Year Resolutions For Your Home

I promise to install programmable thermostat

A lot of energy is wasted due to the over usage of heavy appliances and extra lights. You should try to find ways of curbing the costs while taking benefits from these appliances. High voltage lights can be replaced by energy saving lights and LED’s.

I promise to install programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats can save you allot of money. This device adjusts the temperature by its convenient programming settings that can be operated at different times of a day accordingly. Heating and cooling costs can be easily diminished by installing a thermostat this coming year.

I will grow indoor vegetables & herbs

Fresh vegetables and herbs can have numerous health benefits. You will feel the benefits of eating healthy fresh vegetables and herbs like lemon grass, basil, mint which can easily be grown outside the kitchen. Herbs coming direct from the garden taste better and help the environment. Growing your own fruit and vegetables saves you time and money so it’s beneficial for the long term and very easy to start.

I am gona add more vegetables to my cooking

Adding more vegetables to your diet can do wonders for your health. Making this resolution and by acting on it can prevent your family from getting heart disease and will reduce the risk of cancer.

New Year Resolutions For Your Home

I promise to paint at least one room in a year

A new look to one of your room’s can brighten any mood and bring a touch of charm to your house. Having the same look can create a mundane feel that is why colouring at least one room with a different colour can help you enhance your creative skills and will enhance the décor of your house.

I wont buy unnecessary things and appliances

When we shop we always seem to buy extra things which were not on our original shopping list and can get carried way. You should always try to stick with your original list. This will not only save your money but will also save space in your house.

I’ll start taking my home made lunch

Taking fresh homemade lunch is economical and provides various health benefits. By taking your lunch from home you can avoid the temptation of junk food which harms your health immensely.

I will implement no-shoes-in-the-house rule

Cleanliness is obviously very important for your health. Bringing shoes inside the house causes dirt and germs to enter your home and you are inviting different diseases which will eventually lead to illness.

I vow to clean my appliances and furniture with homemade cleaners

Buying expensive cleaning products for different purposes takes a lot of money out from your pocket. Try using what you have available in your home kitchen and you will see the benefits instantly. Ammonia based cleaners cause damage to your electronic products.

I resolve to install CO2 Detectors, Fire extinguishers or Smoke detectors

Safety measures play an important role. This is a very easy way to protect your family from catastrophes. By installing these equipments you can save your family and house from damage. In fact insurance premiums, which rise time to time, can also be avoidable.

So these New Year resolutions will really help you in making your home a comfortable place without spending too much money. Have a happy New Year!

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