Romantic Bedroom Colours For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the time to show your love to your partner and enjoy the special, intimate moments which can only be enjoyed on this special night. Valentine’s Day can be a great way to decorate your bedroom in a romantic way so that it conveys your passionate feelings. Here in this post, I am going to showcase some wonderful ideas regarding bedroom colours for Valentine’s Day. It’s not very hard to design a bedroom in the Valentine’s spirit. All you need to do is to go for warm, passionate colours and add valentine’s accessories like heart-shaped cushions or balloons, flowers, candles and a bottle of champagne for two on your bedside. Doesn’t it sound romantic?

Make sure not to go for colours like grey, brown, yellow, orange and blue as they don’t have the tendency to create a romantic ambiance in the room.

Passionate Red

Red is the true colour of Valentine’s Day, so this is the safest one. As the shops are popping out with Valentine accessories, you will easily find plenty of stuff in vivacious red to decor your bedroom with this extremely romantic colour. You do not necessarily need to fill your room with too much of a red colour; a little splash of red will be more than enough to show your warm feelings to your partner. Get a few cushion covers in red silk add red heart shaped balloons and fill the vases with red roses you are done.

Romantic Bedroom Colours For Valentine's Day

Purple and Gold

If you don’t want to go for a typical red shade, you have some other great choices too. The blend of these two luxurious colours creates a dreamy ambiance in the room giving it a perfect Valentine touch. The royal and opulent shade of purple goes extremely well with the warm gold and makes you enjoy the sensuous night in a perfect mood. This colour combo is also great if you love being in the ‘in and now’ this trendy colour is the hottest colour combo for 2015.

Romantic Bedroom Colours For Valentine's Day


Do you want to add a touch of purity and passion in your bedroom? White is the perfect colour to portray, pure feelings. It also makes the zone extremely comfortable and cosy and shows your love, care and truthfulness to your partner. White silk bedding and pillow covers make your room look heavenly and opulent. You can also go for white curtains and silver ornamented accessories to make the room look pure and charming. Your partner will fall in love with this divine Valentine setting.

Romantic Bedroom Colours For Valentine's Day

Plum and Violet

This colour combo will scream aloud about your passionate feelings! Plum and violet signify truthfulness and originality and add fascination and charm in the room. Love, passion and romance will be everywhere in the room with this colour theme. And you will surely have an amazing Valentine’s night full of love and pleasure.

Romantic Bedroom Colours For Valentine's Day

These were a few most romantic bedroom colours for Valentine’s Day. Do what your heart says and express your love the way you want. It’s time to show your true feelings and be expressive!

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