Sleeping Positions: Pros and Cons – What They Tell About You


The significance of sleeping for human beings is beyond any question and mostly, people love sleeping. Those who can’t, always try to find better ways to sleep. In fact, all of us have our favourite sleeping positions that we like to fall asleep in. But this is it, most of the times for most of us; we simply never bother thinking or seeing beyond this. However, all sleeping positions have their own pros and cons, and more than that, every single of them tells a little about the kind of a person you are. That’s why we have come up with this Sleeping Positions: Pros and Cons – What They Tell About You, to impart all this knowledge to you.

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Basic sleeping positions with their pros and cons

Sleep positions can be classified into three main categories, back, side and stomach; each of them with further variations.

1 Back Sleepers

  • Pros: A huge number of reputed doctors consider this as the best sleeping position. Sleeping on your back is seen analogous to savasanayoga pose, highly beneficial for neck and spine because the back remains straight and no contortions are forced on it. Moreover, sleeping on back also supplements the mattress in best supporting your spine and whole body. Sleeping on your back is also helpful in keeping your face wrinkle free for a much longer period of time compared to other positions, because it leaves your face and chin open in the air, contrary to be pressed against a pillow.
  • Cons: Lying all night long on your back can result in increased chances of snoring, sleep apnea being the worst case scenario. In fact, the contribution of back sleeping in sleep apnea is so high that side sleeping is prescribed by doctors as one of its treatments.

2 Side Sleepers

  • Pros: Whether a person prefers lying straight on one of the sides or feels comfy curling up intimately in fetal position, vast majority of people confess finding this sleep position as their most preferred one. In fact, majority of doctors advise pregnant ladies to sleep on their left side, as it contributes in improved blood circulation to hear, which is highly beneficial to both mom and baby. For those not expecting, snoozing on left side can be helpful in easing acid reflux and heartburn, making sleeping a convenient affair for people with these conditions.
  • Cons: The stomach and lungs have to bear some serious pressure when a person remains on their left side for longer periods of time (that’s why alternating sides can be helpful in preventing organ strain). Moreover, squished arm-numbness is also one of the downsides of this sleeping position.

3 Stomach Sleepers

  • Pros: Sleeping on stomach can prove helpful in easing snoring as well as some instances of sleep apnea, which however, seems to be only upside of this sleeping position.
  • Cons: Sleeping with tummy tucked down is considered as the worst sleeping position by majority of sleep experts across the world. The natural curve of the spine is flattened because of this, leading to lower back pain; definitely not a best sleeping position for lower back pain. Sleeping all night long with head buried in the mattress or on one side can result in stiffened neck as well.

Variations in sleeping positions and their psychological interpretations

  1. Fetus Position: This position entails a person to curl up cosily on any of their sides. Those who prefer sleeping in this position tend to be like a soft seedling hidden in a tough shell; bold and tough on the outside, but really shy deep down with a highly sensitive heart. Most of the times, they take much time in warming up to people, but once they do, they get really relaxed and intimated. Sleeping on left side can result in added stress on some of your vital organs like lungs, stomach and liver. So, if fetus is the best sleep position for you, make sure you curl up rightwards rather than leftwards to get the best of it.
  2. best sleep position

  3. Log Position: This position is indicated by a person sleeping on your side having both arms resting on sides. People who prefer sleeping in this position are considered much more sociable and easygoing, as a result of which they can end up trusting totally strange people sometimes, increasing their chances of being fooled by them. In this position spine of a person remains straight, proving quite beneficial for those who are suffering from back pain issues.
  4. Log Position for sleep

  5. Yearner Position: This can be described as a position where the sleeper lies on their side with both arms resting in front. People preferring this sleeping position embrace new things quite openly, but can turn suspicious and cynical at times as well. Taking a decision becomes a time taking process for them, as they carefully weigh pros and cons. However, they are amazingly steadfast once they make up their mind and don’t regret much. People sleeping in this position lower their risks of falling prey to issues like sleep apnea and acid reflux.
  6. Yearner sleeping position

  7. Soldier Position: In this position, sleepers lie on their back, having their arms resting on respective sides. People choosing to sleep in this position are quiet and reserved, generally. They are the ones who want to remain calm and composed, not making a big deal out of petty issues. They like to set considerably higher standards for themselves as well as others. They might not have a really good night sleep due to this position and end up snoring heavily to disturb others as well.
  8. Soldier Position

  9. Freefall Position: This is a position where the sleeper lays stomach tucked into the mattress with hands placed around the pillow and head turned to any side. Mostly, such people are extroverts and brash; also tend to take criticism really personally. Such position can be helpful in digestion.
  10. Freefall Position

  11. Starfish Position: A position in which people sleep with back laid straight on mattress and hands resting around the pillow, in contradiction to freefall position. These people can be considered as very good friends because they are good listeners, ever-ready to offer help, while preferring to stay away from limelight. Just like soldiers, starfish sleepers might not have a really comfortable sleeping experience because of snoring or some other breathing issue.
  12. Starfish Position

    Irrespective of health benefits, majority of people choose sleeping positions that they find the most comfortable and easing. Switching between positions becomes a serious issue only when a doctor advises something depending upon a person’s current health and fitness state. So, you might enjoy sleeping in your favourite sleeping position until then.