Smart Uses of an Old Memory Foam Mattress


Your memory foam mattress should be changed after every 5 years to get the utmost comfort and support from it. If your mattress has passed this time span, it’s high time to get a new memory foam mattress for your bedstead. Now the question is what to do with your old foam mattress? Should it be thrown away? Of course not, reaching the end of its lifespan doesn’t mean you should discard it, you can still use it for other purposes or you can prepare something new using your old foam mattress. Below I am detailing some smart uses of an old memory foam mattress. Let’s have a look and decide which option you want to go for to transform your mattress to something useable.

New stuffing for cushions and pillows

Cushions become saggy over time and require re-stuffing. Make use of your old memory foam mattress to stuff your cushions with new padding. Take measurements of your cushions, mark the size on mattress surface and cut it out. Remove existing filling from cushions and insert a piece of memory foam mattress in each cushion. Fluffy and firmer cushions are ready to enhance the beauty of your sofas and chairs and to provide you supreme support.
You can do the same with your pillows to make them softer and fluffier. A pillow stuffed with memory foam mattress will provide additional support to your head and neck contributing to a tranquil night’ sleep.

Smart Uses of an Old Memory Foam Mattress

Upgrade your old sofa

You can bring new life to your old saggy sofa or sofa bed by filling it up with your old memory foam mattress. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional service to get this job done.

Smart Uses of an Old Memory Foam Mattress

Make a Pet bed

If you have pets, you can make a comfortable pet bed for your cat or dog. Fold the mattress in half, measure the size and sew a zipped cover according to the measured size using an old bed sheet and insert the folded mattress inside to make a luxury bed for your pet. Your pets will surely love you more for this luxurious gift.

Smart Uses of an Old Memory Foam Mattress

Store it for camping

As memory foam mattress gets hot according to the body temperature and keeps the person warm, you can store your old mattress for camping in cooler areas. Memory foam mattress can be easily compressed and rolled up and carried up with no trouble.

Smart Uses of an Old Memory Foam Mattress

Make a stuffed toy or a Halloween costume

If you are creative, you can make stuff toys using your old memory foam mattress to adorn your kid’s room. Foam is the main ingredient for making Halloween costumes, so you can save your mattress for this fun day preparations. Stuff a Ninja turtle or make a stuffed ghost and scare your friends with your inventive creations.

Smart Uses of an Old Memory Foam Mattress

I hope you would like these smart uses of an old memory foam mattress and will try them at home. Leave your comment below to provide me your feedback. You can also give me your suggestions if you have some interesting ideas in your mind to reuse discarded items.

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