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This might sound like a fairytale or a fake statement that a restful night’s sleep is a remedy to lose excessive weight. Through different latest researches, it has been proved that quality and quantity of sleep are directly associated with the weight of your body. Many of the doctors agree with the fact that workings of hormones are surely affected by sound sleep.
Sound Sleep Makes

Correlation Between Sleep And Appetite

An associate professor, director of the Sleep Medicine Program at the New York University, named as David Rapoport, says that while researching on the two hormones leptin and gherlin, he got to know about a very interesting fact. In his opinion, both the above mentioned hormones sway the human appetite. Moreover, his studies show that the production of these is directly influenced by the amount of sleep.

An Interesting Fact

Michael Breus, a PhD, who was the director of Sleep Disorders Centers of Southeastern Lung Care in Atlanta, describes that these hormones deal with controlling the feelings of hunger. The leptin, found in the fat cells of the body, tend to inform the brain when you are full, while ghrelin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract and works to stimulate appetite.
Sound Sleep Makes


Now, you must be thinking how these get affected by the sleep? So, when the sleep level will be sufficient, the leptin level will increase, which will positively affect your appetite; while sleep deprivation will minimize the production of ghrelin, which in return will make you feel hungrier and you will definitely want more food. This is how an improper or disrupted sleep results in weight gain.

You might have noticed that when you sleep late at night, no matter how much you eat, you feel dissatisfied and keep on eating to fulfill your appetite with all the junks. So, take a healthy sound sleep to maintain your body weight in an effortless way.

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