Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Leather Bed


So you have traipsed around the high street shops or the net and have made your mind up about purchasing a leather bed. That’s great…. leather beds are one of the most popular bed types for a variety of reasons. But there are a few things to consider before purchasing a leather bed to ensure you don’t have any issues post purchase. Below is what you need to consider:

The colour of your leather bed is very important so that it matches your room decor. You don’t want to buy a bed which stands out and spoils the appearance of your room. If you have dark brown colour carpet, brown curtains and brown matching items in the room then a black bed will spoil the appearance, it is important to colour coordinate to ensure your leather bed stands out in your bedroom.

White beds are quite popular now as well, but some beds are a beige colour. So please double check the exact type you want and ask the seller if it is definitely white or beige as some sellers class beige as white.

Although this may seem obvious you would be very surprised how many people buy a leather bed and then take it home and realise that it doesn’t fit. They then have to take the bed back or arrange a collection and have to go through the hassle of looking for another bed. Please always double check the dimensions stated by the seller against the space in your room. Better for you is to go through a bedroom furniture arrangement guide in order to check out how you can position your bed in multiple ways in different rooms.

A common misconception is that if you buy a 5ft bed then the width of the bed is 5ft. This is not true. 5ft means the mattress width; it does not take into consideration the external width of the bed frame. Typically the mattress width of a 5ft bed is 150cm, the external width of a 5ft leather bed is approx 160cm, so there is a 10cm difference. This is because of the width of the side panels.

Things to consider before purchasing a leather bed

The design of your bed is quite important, especially if you are going to use your existing mattress with it. If you buy a sleigh bed like an Oakdale leather bed you need to ensure that your mattress does not go above the footboard, otherwise there is no point in purchasing a sleigh bed. If you have a thick mattress then maybe a compact bed like an Astaire leather bed may be more practical.

Things to consider before purchasing a leather bed

Warranty is very important when it comes to leather beds because it’s not every day that you buy a bed and you want it to last you at least 2-3 years. Make sure you are offered at least a 1 year warranty. Also read reviews about the company and the leather bed in question to make sure there are no major issues with it.

Real or faux leather?
This is an important consideration to make. Real leather is definitely more grandeur, hence the high price. Faux leather is a brilliant alternative, especially if it is matt pu faux leather. Matt pu faux leather looks very much like real leather and feels like real leather. PVC faux leather is more of a smooth shiny finish. Some people like a shiny finish but some people prefer the real leather look. I suppose you have to decide which material you like and which one would look best in your room, along with your budget.

I hope you found the above information helpful. These are definitely the things to consider before purchasing a leather bed to ensure you have a hassle free experience. Feel free to contact me via twitter (@aafzal_uk) if you need any further information or help.

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