Top 5 Little Boys Bedroom Ideas


Sure, you love your baby boys dearly and are willing to do anything for them. Before you even know, they are in need of a separate bedroom and giving them one they like is one good way of showing your love and care for them. However, designing a bedroom totally at your own might not be that easy, but with proper assistance, it is very much achievable. So, we are here with some great boys bedroom ideas. Good thing about them is that they are as easy to work out as they are adorable when applied.

Let Him Explore the World (Boys Bedroom Ideas #1)

This is definitely one of the best little boys bedroom decoration ideas that you can come up with, especially for your budding geography buff. A map of the world hung on a wall, big carpet also bearing the map of the world and a few globes placed high above the horizontal column atop the vertical bookrack standing tall next to the room’s window; what else can make him happy. He will surely love you more than ever for this; a great theme for boys bedroom adorned with best boys bedroom furniture. So, why not do some labour and win over his young heart forever.

Little Boys Bedroom

How You Do It?

It might seem like quite a demanding job on the surface, and it is to an extent, but the fact remains that nothing can rejoice you as parents more than that happy smile on your kid’s face. So, let me elaborate a bit on how you can do it.

  • Ceiling and Walls: For having a uniform ambiance through the room, ceiling and walls are brushed in same colour, i.e. harvest gold, which is a great idea, because it keeps the room ambiance light and airy. The oxford blue and black strip painted over the top serves to give a visual distinction between the walls and ceiling zones. Ideally, the room you want to furnish should have light entering from two directions as in this case, i.e. from the door and the adjacent window. Having a reasonably sized window is also great for kids bedroom ideas, also allowing your kid to stay connected with the nature.

  • Flooring: To keep the ambiance as natural as possible, laminate wood flooring is used in this theme. Any darker colour and material wouldn’t have balanced the airiness in the room.

  • Design Layout, Furniture and Accessories: Boys bedroom designs can be quite challenging depending upon the size and shape of the room and what theme you want to choose. This one, however, has a wonderful, practical and adorable layout. The crib bed against the wall ensures safety of the kid, while also giving a great outside view.

    Boys bedroom furniture other than the bed also complements the whole theme really well. Storage issues can ruin boys room ideas more often than not, but not in this case. Vertical cabinetry alongside the bed not only takes care of storage issues in the room, but also serves as a magnificent and magnified centrepiece. Globes of varied sizes on top serve as icing on the cake. Similarly, the rugs displaying world map on the floor as well as on the wall look amazing, and the hammock-cum-bed will allow your kid to have some great leisure time.

Let Him ‘Chalk’ Out Loud (Boys Bedroom Ideas #2)
Go ahead; let him paint his innocent feelings on a chalked wall in his bedroom. Make his every expression priceless and matchless. Why not fuel his artistic instincts; you never know all this nurturing might turn him into ‘Picasso’ of his own era. You might never come up with a better idea than this to bring a bright smile on his lovely face. You can do this with chalkboard wall decals or slate coloured chalkboard paint.

Bedroom painting

How You Do It?

    To some, it would look quite difficult, while for some others, it would be really easy. It all depends on your own inclinations and how much effort you want to put into something that would not only look amazing, but would also serve as a nurturing ground to polish your kid’s ambitions. Let’s have an idea about how to do it.

  • Ceiling and Walls: Ceiling and walls constitute majority of the space in any bedroom and the trick here is to keep the whole ambiance well balanced, since we plan to use the overwhelming black in abundance. So, the colour of the walls and ceiling plays a significant role in determining the overall atmosphere of the room. In this case, both ceiling and walls are painted with light colours, i.e. silver sand for the ceiling and the soothing zorba for other 3 walls that don’t feature the chalkboard. Equally important is large sized window that facilitates the entrance of light and outside view in abundance through the room. If you want to let your child be expressive through a chalkboard bedroom, having such an arrangement of window, ceiling and walls is quite critical for it.
  • Flooring: The contribution of flooring is as important to introduce balance in the room as is of walls and ceiling, and that’s why floor of the room features a carpet in Indian Khaki. The carpet also adds a touch of neatness in the room, in addition to keeping it warm during winter months, so that your child might not catch cold or flu.
  • Design Layout, Furniture and Accessories: Design and layout of the room is always one of the most important factors in how a particular room would look, more so in case of childrens bedroom ideas, because they are busy little bugs who like to move and wiggle a lot. An adorable boys bed is a must, as in this case, which also complements the chalkboard theme superbly. The great thing about this bedroom design is that it accommodates for another theme as well, i.e. the football theme. That is why it is accessorised with stuff like the football right over the dressing and a big scoreboard on the chalked wall behind the bed. In fact, it is the subtleties like these in accessorising, which make it one of the best kids room ideas.

3 Storage Space (Boys Bedroom Ideas #3)

Every new day adds to the little world of your beloved little one, from Lego pieces to favourite stuffed animal, his belongings keep increasing. So, many things into his custody don’t need to turn into a mess. You can help him take care of all his belongings neatly. The image below can very well be one of the best kids bedroom ideas ever, having everything from twin beds to vertical cupboards and storage compartments to beautiful drawer chests. Smart storage solutions are increasingly becoming the need of the hour. If you do not afford expensive stuff, there are many classic and cheap storage beds available online quite conveniently these days.

Boys bedroom decoration ideas

How You Do It?

    Storage space in homes has turned out to be one of the biggest issues modern households are facing in recent times, because home sizes continue to shrink. In most cases, kids get the smallest bedrooms in a home anyways, so you need to be a little innovative if you want to keep kids bedroom ideas adorable as well as practical and storage savvy. Now let’s get a better understanding of how to create a boys bedroom like the one above.

  • Ceiling and Walls: Light colours serve better for ceiling and walls of this type of boys bedroom. That is why a combination of zorba, clay creek and green white is use on walls and ceiling of this room.
  • Flooring: Gleaming ceramic tiles in heathered grey perfectly complement the overall decor of the room here; making sure it looks neat and tidy. The shadow green rug on the floor gives eyes an instant treat as well.
  • Design Layout, Furniture and Accessories: L shaped bunk beds work amazingly well when it comes to storage issues in kids bedroom ideas of any type, just as this Verona Maximus L Shape High Sleeper Set. Designed especially to take care of storage concerns in bedrooms, it features eye-catching l-shaped design, which is not only a treat to the eyes, but also really practical and safe. The combo of sturdy pinewood with antique pine finish and MDF lime detailing makes it a perfect centrepiece for any modern themed boys bedroom. Two bunks means accommodating two kids without much problem, and accessing the top bunk is also quite convenient with a simple ladder. The good thing is that the top bunk is secured with contrasting white side rails, making sure the kid never rolls over to fall down. The vacant space below the top bunk is utilised optimally for a closet to store any hanging clothes. Moreover, this set also comes with a matching chest of drawers to make sure you don’t need anything else for storage. This is the type of boys bedroom furniture if you are looking to make the best of the space available to you.

4 Let Him Build His Own World (Boys Bedroom Ideas #4)

If you got a sweet little builder in your home, giving him his favourite ambience in bedroom can be a great idea. You can paint the walls just the way he would like them the most. You might paint individual Lego bricks till you get the whole mural like this completed or you can also get same appearance with vinyl wall decals in his favourite colours. As a matter of fact, you can also use this as girls bedroom decoration ideas.

girls bedroom decoration ideas

5 Take the Flight with Him (Boys Bedroom Ideas #5)

You can nurture the aspirations of your little aviator by showcasing his love all around him in his bedroom. The image below with a wall painted with world map and airplane models hanging from above, also having a compass-like clock on the wall is surely one of the best little boys bedroom ideas for kids in love with planes and flying.

bedroom ideas for kids

How You Do It?

For most of us, it’s the fantasies and inspirations rooted deep in our childhood that become the pathways for our future. If you are one lucky parent having a kid who’s in love with planes and skies, you better nurture his little aspirations as much as possible, and setting up aviation themed boys bedroom for him would be one great way of doing so. It’s about time that you update yourself on how precisely to do this.

  • Ceiling and Walls: A combination of Citrine White, Horizon Blue and Periwinkle Grey has been used on walls and ceiling, making sure that they comply well with the aviation themed kids bedroom elements like air and sky. These light hues also help the room remain airy and fresh, and the light coming into the room from the window across, reflects effortlessly due to the white walls. The Horizon Blue wall behind the wall featuring world map makes all the difference in the world to make the bedroom look like that of a great aviator.
  • Flooring: Laminate wood flooring is used in this boys bedroom, which complements well with wooden boys bedroom furniture. A rug striped in blue and white hues further adorns it, matching perfectly with the overall aviation theme.
  • Design Layout, Furniture and Accessories: The bedroom is designed to serve best for small spaced rooms, with a boys’ bed as the centrepiece, aided with two side tables, one of which also features a beautiful little lamp to help the kid light up his nights as well. A big compass right above the headboard along with miniature models of airplanes hanging from the ceiling above make the room perfect for an aviator-to-be kid.


Giving your kids the best of everything is what all parents of the world desire. You can go one step ahead by actually giving them the best ambience to live through their childhood with our great ideas for boys bedrooms.

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