Top 5 Economical Sofa Beds


If you are looking for a sturdy and practical sofa bed at an affordable price range, in this post I am going to list down the top 5 economical sofa beds in the market today to help you out in your buying process.

Exarby Three-seat sofa bed

The Exarby three-seat sofa bed is available from the renowned IKEA, at an affordable price of £115. The sofa bed is wrapped with white fabric and has a metal frame. The padding is created with 75% cotton and 25% polyester and is very comfortable and cosy. The sofa bed has a simple design and can bring an elegant look to any given room.

Top 5 Economical Sofa Beds

Kyoto Mito Futon

The Kyoto Mito Futon is beautifully crafted with pine wood and has a sturdy and supportive built frame. This beautiful sofa bed is available from only £122.99. The best thing about this multi-functional piece of furniture is it’s very easy to operate and you can effortlessly change it from a sofa to a bed and vice versa. The futon mattress is highly comfortable and supportive, with wool and cotton fillings. This really is a great and affordable solution if you are looking for a space saving sleeping alternative. As you can see in the below picture, it has a trendy and stylish look that can harmonize with any decor theme, enhancing the beauty of your place.

Top 5 Economical Sofa Beds

Manhattan Sofa Bed

If you are looking for an economical but luxurious piece of furniture, the Manhattan sofa bed is the ideal choice for you as it is reasonably priced and has a sumptuous appearance. The sofa bed is wrapped with high quality faux leather and is available in black, white and brown colour. If you have a contemporary styled home, this modish and graceful sofa bed will bring an air of grace and opulence. The Manhattan sofa bed is very spacious both in the sitting and sleeping postures and provides prefect support. As the picture shows, it also has a cup holder at the back side of its pop-out seat. You can bring this beauty to your home for just £149.99.


Daytona Sofa Bed

If you are a fan of traditional furniture, you will definitely love the Daytona sofa bed which is simply designed and owns a classy look. The Daytona sofa bed is very economical and is available for just £159.99. The best quality about the Daytona is that it can harmonize with both trendy and traditional decor themes. If you have a modern style home, you can furnish it with the Daytona sofa bed in the red colour. If your home follows a traditional theme, the light brown colour will lift the beauty of your of room. The sofa bed contains the simplest form of convertible mechanism – click clack that you can easily operate yourself without any help.

Top 5 Economical Sofa Beds

Rialto Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed

The Rialto faux leather futon sofa bed is visually appealing and a practical solution for smaller homes. It also has a quick and simple mechanism that transforms the sofa into a luxurious and comfortable bed for a serene night’s sleep. The price of this beautiful and practical sofa bed is £169.99. This really is a great piece of multi-purpose furniture which will add class in your room and manage the scarcity of space.

Top 5 Economical

So these are the top 5 economical sofa beds that are very affordable and will bring grace and elegance to your home. Click here if you want to do a thorough research before making your purchase decision and want to
go through the best reviews about sofa beds.

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