Top 6 Bedroom Ideas for Couples with Some Great Tips


A bedroom is a place where couples spend most of their time together in homes. So, when designing and decorating a bedroom, it is very important to make sure that your bedroom not only looks romantic, but also serves practical enough. Though it might look quite a difficult task apparently, but the reality is that there is no one who can do this better than the couple planning to stay there together. All you need is passion and dedication to set a heaven on earth for both of you and a little guidance, like this passage, bringing forth some great tips that you should keep in mind. Moreover, it also showcases some great bedroom decorating ideas for couples.

Great Tips for Couple’s Bedroom Design Ideas

  • Make sure not to go excessive in accessories like frills, curtains and candles. This will not only make your bedroom appear narrower and confined, but it will also contribute for added heat in there
  • Choose the colour theme of the bedroom with mutual consent and prefer brighter and warmer shades
  • It is always a good idea to add love chairs or a small sofa to your bedroom design, offering you a luxurious and cosy place to sit together to enjoy chatting, watching TV, playing games together and so many other things when you guys do not feel like lying on bed
  • If you have small space for your bedroom where placing a standalone TV stand will consume much needed space, you can also consider leather beds with TV, having storage space designed for TV screen (different sizes) right in their footboards
  • It is better to add some extra pillows, but not too many. In most of the cases, 4 pillows serve more than enough on a bed

Top Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples
Here are some great design ideas for couples’ bedrooms.

1 A Touch of Drama
A little dramatic touch in your bedroom ambience is always a great idea, i.e. by painting your walls in rich chocolate colour. The darkness of this hue will ease you into sleep at night. To balance it, a touch of white is appreciable, balancing it out.

bedroom decoration ideas

2 Cosy Walls and Floor
If you are looking for serene bedroom design ideas, try baby blue, soft gray or taupe bedding with coordinating drapes across the windows. With ‘floor-to-ceiling’ drapery, your ceiling appears taller. If you want added luxury, you can buy a cosy floor rug. Sheepskin or shag is best, as it will feel super soft when you step down the bed.

bedroom decoration ideas

3 Luxury of Luxe Linens
Incorporate absolute luxury to your bedroom decor with luxe linen tops, if you want a bed that can simply make you fall down over it as soon as you enter your bedroom. It is very hard to resist fluffy down duvets on contemporary Italian beds.

bedroom decoration ideas

4 Soft Lighting
Another of great bedroom ideas for couples includes softened lighting for calmer cooler effects and dimmers serve great for this. They can be used in almost all lighting fixtures from overhead ceiling lights to bedside table lamps to pendants.

bedroom decoration ideas

5 Eye-Catching Accents
Waking up to colour and beauty ‘all around you’ after a satisfying sleep with your partner can be one of the best bedroom ideas for couples. It can be almost anything in your bedroom that adds a unique and warm colour to it, from a wall painting to contrasting bedside lamps to adorable glassware on bedside tables.

bedroom decoration ideas

To conclude, no one can come up with better bedroom design ideas than you and your better half. Get inspirations from ideas like the ones shared here and get the best of sleep, comfort and company every single night.

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