Top 6 Economical Leather Beds


Leather beds are considered an expensive investment but if you search the market thoroughly, you can find plenty of leather beds reasonably priced and within your range. Today my post is going to present the list of 6 economical leather beds that you can easily afford to buy for your bedroom.

Astaire Faux Leather Bed

Astaire faux leather bed owns a graceful and stylish look and is available at extremely affordable price. You just need to spend £99.99 to get this beautiful bed for your bedroom. This bed is made from high quality faux leather texture and has beautiful lines of detail on its headboard and side panels. Astaire faux leather bed gives you variety in colours and is available in brown, black and white. Choose the one that harmonize with your bedroom colour theme and let it adorn your room with a luxurious feel.

6 economical leather beds

Julian Bowen Cosmo Bed

If you are fond of simple designs, Julian Bowen Cosmo bed is an ideal choice that comes with a simple design with straight head board and low foot end. The bed is wrapped with brown faux leather and has a classy look. This bed is an appropriate choice for smaller rooms as it has a slender structure that adds spaciousness in the room and doesn’t make it look over-stuffed. The cost of this bed is £99.99.

6 economical leather beds

Manhattan 5ft King Size Sleigh Faux Leather Bed

Sleigh beds are the trendiest form of leather beds that make your place extremely stylish and modish. The king sized Manhattan sleigh faux leather bed is available at sale price for just £99.99. The bed is available in brown and black colour and is very stylish with curved head and foot boards.

6 economical leather beds

Hyder Kingston Leather Bed

Hyder has made it easier on the pocket to get this beautifully designed branded bed for your bedroom. The price of Hyder Kingston leather bed is £100.99 that is really very economical. The bed is covered with supreme quality faux leather bed and has a sturdy built. Hyder Kingston leather bed is a beautiful blend of elegance and opulence and will surely lift the beauty of your room.

6 economical leather beds

Berlin Leather Bed

This bed is designed by the world-famous furniture brand Birlea. The bed is reasonably priced and owns a magnificent look. As you can see in the picture, it has a medium size rectangular shaped headboard and extremely low foot end. The leather covering is further adorned with straight lines of detail all over the bedstead. This beautifully designed bed surely has tendency to make your bedroom trendier and sumptuous. The cost of this branded bedstead is £106.99.

6 economical leather beds

Prado Storage Bed

Scarcity of space is common issue these days and Prado storage bed is the right solution to deal with your bedroom clutter at an affordable price. Prado storage bed offers a huge storage space beneath its slats for just £114.99. The bed has a beautiful appearance and is available in black and brown colour. This is really a cost-effective furniture item that performs dual roles for you.

6 economical leather beds

This was all about economical leather beds; click here if you want to learn about the pros and cons of leather beds. If you have any question, feel free to contact me on Twitter @aafzal_uk or leave your feedback below.

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