Unusual Christmas Tree Ideas


Thanks giving is perhaps the time that truly awakens us to start preparing for Christmas. In most countries, Christmas celebrations are not only considered to be a strictly religious event but are celebrated by all, even those of us who aren’t Christians because of the joys it carries within. However, some of us might be put off by the expenditure involved or sometimes Christmas supplies run short in many stores, making it difficult to find gifts, decorative lights, edibles, garments and specially Christmas trees.

Unusual Christmas Tree Ideas

There is some good news for tree enthusiasts– you don’t always have to go for a traditional tree! There are several other Christmas tree ideas you can try instead of hunting down every store or worrying about your budget. Creating your own Christmas tree is not just easy and budget-friendly, but it is also something most people wouldn’t usually be doing, so you should definitely give it a shot and amaze your friends, families, and guests with your fabulous creativity.

Wall tree ideas:

Unusual Christmas Tree Ideas

  1. Knick-Knack: This is one of the ways you can create a tree and show off precious little pieces of jewellery, trinkets, and photos. Make an outline on your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree and paste your precious family photos or decorations within the boundaries of the tree with an adhesive. Cover the boundary with attractive tapings or ribbons and try to put some lights on too if possible.
  2. Polka dots: This is something kids will love! Order circular wall decals online or simply cut out pieces of thick attractive green, red, and woody cloths and paste them on the wall in the shape of a triangular pattern like that of a Christmas tree!
  3. Chalkboard tree: If you have an artistic hand and some creativity, no one will argue about its beauty. Just make a rough draft first, and then grab a large chalkboard that can hang on the wall. Get hold of a chalk, and portray your artistic abilities.

Book trees:

Unusual Christmas Tree Ideas

  1. Round book tree: Books of similar size and colour are the best, but you can work with anything. Start off by making a large circle of books at the bottom and make the circle smaller as you move on towards the top until it’s time for the last book to stand up on the rest. Put up multi-colour lights in the gaps and you are good to go!
  2. Open-book: Stack some books one on top of the other to make a stem-like solid base, and on top, open the books from the middle and start placing them on one another in order of decreasing size as you move to the top.

Re-purposed material ideas:

christmas tree ideas

  1. Stick tree: Grab a few sticks from your yard and hang them horizontally on the wall, starting with the smallest one on the top. Place some lights and stick some leafy little branches to give an attractive look. Throw in some ribbons to add up some shine!
  2. Cork tree: With all that cork lying around the house which you will eventually be disposing off at some point, you can create a cute little tree. Stick them together in the shape of a triangle, grab a thick, woody, little piece of stem, and you have your miniature tree ready in no time! Plus, it’s going to look awesome! If you can, place miniature lights at the back so light shines out from between the gaps.

I hope you would find this blog helpful for decorating an unusual Christmas tree on this Christmas, click here for cheap Christmas decorations ideas if you are low on budget and looking for affordable ways to adorn your home.

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