What are the types of leather texture used in leather beds?


Leather beds are made using different types of leather textures which are prepared using different chemicals and processes. This is how different categories and qualities of leather texture emerge bringing variety in price, looks and quality. Today my blog post is going to detail the types of leather texture used in leather beds. My main purpose of writing this post is to equip you with the complete knowledge about the various leather materials used in beds so that you get the best leather bed for you.

What are the types of leather texture

The main categories of leather texture are aniline leather, semi-aniline leather, full-grain leather, split-grain leather and pigmented leather. Below I am going to discuss each category in detail.


Aniline leather owns the most genuine look of leather which is very sumptuous and plush. Aniline is not treated with excess chemicals and dyed in a very simple way by dipping it into the dye. The surface is not further coated with other substances providing a most natural look. This is also to ensure the marks on the surface remain visible. Aniline is highly natural and is also known as naked leather. As aniline is not chemically treated, it is amazingly soft to the touch and is very comfortable. As the surface contains the natural marks, each piece of furniture wrapped with aniline leather owns a matchless look. As the surface has not undergone protection treatments, it can easily receive and absorb stains. A leather bed which has aniline leather can get damaged quite easily if not maintained properly.


Semi-aniline leather is sturdier than aniline leather as it has been given a light coat of chemical treatments to make protect it against stains and liquids. As the surface is treated with a light coat, it slightly hides the natural marks on the surface and displays a consistent dye. But it also makes the texture less unique than untreated leather.


Full grain leather is considered the highest quality texture used in high class leather beds. The texture doesn’t go through the processing and sanding to bring an even colour tone. Full-grain leather is tougher as well as stronger and the beds wrapped in full-grain leather are durable and long-lasting. Full-grain leather beds are ideal for consumers who have kids and pets at home.


The furniture tagged as genuine leather is usually wrapped with split-grain leather. Spilt-grain is slightly treated and softer but it’s not as robust as the full grain leather and is less durable.


This is the most durable and sturdy type of leather texture and is widely known as PU leather. The majority of beds are covered with this type of leather. The surface has a thick layer of protective coating and is persistent to staining, fading and cracking. Pigmented leather is easy to maintain and stays defiant in different conditions and against rough use.

What are the types of leather texture

Now that you are pretty much aware about the types of leather texture used in leather beds, it will hopefully help you in your buying process. if you want to further explore about the leather and leather beds then
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