What Type Of Mattress Is Best For A Child?


Parents in this current day and age often look to spend more money on desirable bed frames, bed sheets and comforters rather than spending on what matters the most for their children. When it comes to the bed, it is not the bed frame which is important rather it is the mattress. Mattresses are the most important part of a child’s room as children spend most of the time on their beds. Mattresses do not only affect a child’s sleeping routine and physical health, but also play an essential role in building their memory, regulating their stress levels, and developing their moods. If you pay that little bit extra a mattress will last for a significant amount of time, so there will be many factors you will have to consider while investing in it.

Mattress For Child

So what type of mattress is best for a child? Before parents run off to buy a mattress for their child, they should be well aware of the types and prices of the mattresses they might be buying. Look at the ratings of the manufacturers and reviews by the customers.

Mattresses can be classified according to support types. Due to the advancements in technology, there are a variety of mattresses which incorporate different types of technology, ranging from mattresses with air chambers to waterbeds. However, these mattresses are sensitive and serve a special purpose, which may not be quite as useful for small children.

Alternatively, Innerspring Open Coil and Innerspring Pocket Coil technologies are deemed to be the best for infants and children. The Open Coil mattress is quite comfortable but won’t last more than a few years; however, it’s good value for money so it might suit you and your child. Pocket Coil tends to last relatively longer because every coil is individually covered in fabric, but more durability means higher prices! If you have some extra savings, you should definitely opt for Innerspring Pocket Coil because apart from lasting longer, it is even more comfortable as each coil takes the body weight individually so your baby doesn’t feel any pressure from below.

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Memory foam can be quite a good choice depending on how old your child is. Memory foam mattresses adjust according to your child’s weight and pressure so that they can find the best possible sleeping position. High-density memory foam responds due to body heat while low-density memory foam moulds itself according to the pressure applied from your child’s weight. You can either purchase foams made out of natural fibres like cotton, or you can even purchase synthetic ones made out of latex.

Mattress For Child 2

When it comes to small children, make sure you choose the softest mattresses for them. In the past, it was stated that firm mattresses are good as they keep the spine straight. On the other hand, modern research has proved that since the body is naturally curvy, adults, especially children should be given softer mattresses so the spine’s natural curves may be maintained.

Concluding the topic what type of mattress is best for a child, open coil mattresses may be budget-friendly, but are way less durable as compared to foam mattresses. On the other hand, a pocket coil mattress absorbs the weight of the user effectively and is hence more comfortable and durable, but you might have to invest a bit more for it. Talking about memory foam, it is perhaps the most comfortable of all mattress types, but it releases a strong odour, so you have to keep a regular check on your baby for any allergic reactions or breathing problems. Futon (natural fibre) does not let out any gas, is durable, and is budget-friendly, but it is quite heavy and not as plush when compared to other types of foams. Latex foam is hypoallergenic, comfortable, anti-bacterial, durable, and does not release any gases, but it might put a burden on your budget!

Mattress For Child 2

If you can afford the price, you should definitely go for a latex foam mattress for your little one. It’s good to invest more just once as a good quality mattress from a recognised brand or retailer will last a very long time.

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