Where to Buy and Sell Second Hand Furniture


At some point or another we get jaded with our surroundings. Wheather it’s a continuous, unchanging routine or as simple as having to come home to see the same old furniture settings in your house. While we can’t really change our job or our tough schedule; we definitely can make a start by changing the things around us. Let’s start off with furniture.

Second Hand Furniture

If you have some old furniture that you are thinking of replacing, don’t just throw it away. You can get a handsome amount of money for it, if you try. Similarly, if you want some second hand furniture, you can get good deals if you’re vigilant. Here’s where to buy and sell second hand furniture:


  1. Simple is good: Start off very simply by organising a garage sale. This isn’t very tough to manage, as all you need is to pull out the furniture in the garden and advertise it around the neighbourhood. You never know who might be on the lookout for some stuff.
  2. The internet: The world is progressing and the internet can help you find potential buyers very easily. Advertise with pictures, prices and contact numbers on EBay, gumtree and all. These websites can get you potential customers, totally hassle free and it’s the easiest way to advertise (not to mention, cheapest!). You can ask customers to come to view your items and try and work out the best deal for both parties involved.
  3. Dealer: We have all heard of car dealers but did you know that used furniture dealers exist? They’ll pick up your furniture and help you find a buyer quite easily. However, it might not be as much profitable as selling it via the internet as the dealer needs his profit as well.
  4. Donate: There still might be some furniture that you are struggling to get rid of. This is where donations come in. You can go to the nearest orphanage or an old home and give them the furniture. Yes, you don’t get money but you do get respect, love and inner satisfaction.

Second Hand Furniture


  1. Be watchful: You need to be on red alert if
  2. you need some furniture. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone if they are selling any of their furniture, make sure you read banners and flyers and also have a lookout in your neighbourhood for anyone who might be selling furniture soon.
  3. Computer hours: This may seem difficult with a hectic routine but sign up on websites so that they’ll email you as soon as the product you need is on the site and ready to be sold. Check out online stores as well to get the best furniture online.
  4. Make friends with a dealer: Make sure you know dealers and furniture shop around your area. If you can get updates on what’s in stock,
    it will be really easy to get something as soon as it’s available.
  5. Hotels: This one’s a bit tough but check out local hotels. Some are usually giving out old furniture when renovating or improving! Not only will you get a good deal but the furniture will be top style!

Thus, you need to have these simple tricks in your mind to make sure you get the best places, best deals and best furniture if you want to buy and sell second hand furniture.

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