Which memory foam mattress is best for me?


This is one of those questions, which is going to be answered by “it depends”. Choosing a mattress is a personal choice and depends on the type of mattress you are used to. What may be suitable for me may not be suitable for you and vice versa. When customers call/email us and ask us “which memory foam mattress is the best for me”, we have to ask them a few questions, so that we can recommend the right type for them. Below is what we ask:

Which memory foam mattress is best for me


Although this may be an obvious question, but on many occasions, customers don’t’ know what size bed they have. So, it is hard to recommend the right mattress to them. If they still have their old mattress, we ask them to measure its width. In this way, we can determine which size bed they have. If customers are looking to buy a bed and mattress together, then we do not ask this question.


What thickness mattress are you looking for? How thick is your current mattress? I would also ask what type of bedframe you have, as sometimes a thicker mattress would not be suitable. For example, if you have a sleigh bed, you need to make sure the mattress does not go above the footboard, as this would spoil the appearance of the bed. The thicker a memory foam mattress, the more expensive it is as a general rule of thumb.

The thickness of the memory foam is another issue to be considered. You can have a perfect memory foam mattresses with 1, 2 and 3 inches of memory foam (the rest is reflex foam). The more memory foam you have, the higher the price, but the more memory foam you have, the more it will contour to your body and provide support.


Density is very important, but not many people know what this means. Each person will require a different density type. Some customers may want a soft feel memory foam mattress, so this will have them low density foam. Medium firmness will require a medium density mattress and a firm mattress will require a high density memory mattress.

This can be quite confusing for customers to know which density they require, for that reason you may read my blogpost: what does the density of memory foam mattress mean. What we suggest is that you go to your local bed store and try out different foam mattresses to get a better feel. Once you know which density you like, we can then recommend the right one for you.

A memory foam based mattress that features a high density and combines memory foam and spring based technology is highly recommended if you are quite heavy. These mattresses are manufactured to ensure maximum level of comfort and will keep you supported through the night by eradicating the build up of pressure on the sensitive areas of your body such as your hips, spine and joints. They are also ideal if, like me, you tend to toss and turn in bed to find your most comfortable position.


Memory mattresses do have a tendency to get hot, as detailed in a recent blogpost 5 Most Common Problems of Leather Beds. This can be an issue for some people, but it can easily be overcome by using a maxicool/outlast cover, which solves this problem. This can cost a little extra, but is beneficial in the long run.

Once we ascertain the above mentioned key areas, we can then recommend a foam mattress for you. Choosing the right mattress is a very important decision, especially considering the fact that you are going to be using this item for approx 5 years.

If you do have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on twitter @aafzal_uk.

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