5 Fantastic Tips for Lighting A Room Properly


To tell exactly how well-decorated a room is, you need an appropriate light source which can unveil all the alluring features present within the four walls. Adequate lighting in a room is very important. Not only does it help in performing various tasks without putting too much stress on our eyes, but it also takes away the dull and gloomy look from any given room. Moreover, suitable lighting makes everything look more desirable and takes away a few pinches of stress from one’s mind. The main point to consider over here is that if a particular type of lighting arrangement looks good in your friend’s place, it is not necessary the case that it is going to look just as good at your place too. The type of lighting deemed to be perfect varies from room to room, depending on the overall theme and scheme of the very chamber. Here are a few tips that will help you learn the tactics for lighting a room properly.

  1. Placement: Before you make any lighting choices for a particular room, you should decide what activities you will be doing in that room. This factor will not only affect your decisions on furniture placement, but it will also determine your choice of lighting. Consider what elements are present in that room since most rooms are used for multiple activities. Once you know what you are going to do in that room, you will know the exact amount and type of light fixtures you will need. Thus, you will then have the liberty to make an easy decision from your lighting options.
  2. Lamps: Whether they are table lamps or floor lamps, they are now becoming a primary source of lighting in many rooms. The option is easy to select. However you need to make sure what type of lamp suits you best. You wouldn’t want light directly shining into your eyes as you seat yourself next to the lamp. Shade control the amount and quality of light that passes out into the room, so make sure you decide carefully in this regard. A suitable option is to purchase a lamp with an adjustable brightness controller. Nowadays technology has enhanced so much that you may find beds that contain lights embedded in their headboards like this contemporary LED leather bed.
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  4. Recessed lighting: This technique works quite well in living rooms and dining areas. The most frequently recommended places to mount such lighting are over couches, dining tables, kitchen ceilings, and dining counters.
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  6. Wall sconces: This type of lighting is not only beautiful, but also adds some glamour to the room wherever it’s placed. These beautiful decoration pieces are available in a variety of materials, such as glass, ceramic, and metal. Interesting backdrops are formed as indirect light is reflected throughout the room and is dense on closer sections of the wall.
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  8. Candlelight: Although this is not considered to be a primary option for lighting a room, but it is a romantic one! Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now find specially designed light bulbs that imitate the type of light emitted by candles. These are normally used in couple’s bedroom decor.


Where you have so many varieties of lighting options to choose from, it is important not to get confused. Always make a decision based on the decor and arrangements for lighting a room properly. Remember – glamorous things are not always the best for every scenario. Always look for good matches and combinations.

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